Reducing Cyber Risk Through Data Driven Decisions

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Cyber threats are constantly evolving – growing smarter and more sophisticated. Whether you’re concerned about a nation-state, hacktivist, organized criminal, or a non-malicious insider – these attacks can take just minutes, if not seconds, to compromise your company.

To change the status quo, enterprises need to prioritize IT security with an evidence-based approach to making data driven decisions.

CDI Security Solutions

CDI Security Solutions marries our strength in infrastructure, DevOps, and digital transformation with security. This integrated approach allows us to better align with customer needs and deliver modern, thought-leading solutions that:

  • Embed security disciplines and best practices throughout the development transformation lifecycle
  • Help customers systematically baseline and improve their existing controls by leveraging evidence and data to proactively mitigate deviations before incidents occur
  • Combine security and network operations teams to drive optimal event response remediation efforts

Our Approach

We believe that security has to be incorporated into the very fabric of an organization, and as such, we need to constantly challenge our customers to prepare themselves for the latest threats and regulatory requirements thrust upon them. Our portfolio covers the entire technology management lifecycle – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover – designed to meet an organization’s unique and specific needs.

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Our solution offerings span the strategic (Governance, Risk and Compliance) to the technical (SOAR, SIEM and MDR) components of a cybersecurity program.

We’re empowering customers with knowledge to make informed decisions on the sort of priorities and investments that complement their business risk appetite.


Specific Tasks:

  • Strategy and architecture: help clients assess their existing security posture and attack surface while delivering a pragmatic approach towards remediation
  • Procure tools and services
  • Aggregation, orchestration and implementation of tools and data to help optimize your security stack and threat hunting capabilities
  • End-to-end remediation of incidents before they become business disrupting

CDI’s Controls Validation Program provides you with the data, evidence and recommendations you need to make practical decisions on the risks associated to your organization.