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CDI offers next-generation solutions like cloud identity security for businesses navigating the digital world. Our cross-industry experience and personalized cloud security approach position us among the premier identity and access management providers on the market.

Understanding Cloud Identity Security

As your business increases its reliance on cloud-based systems, it is important to recognize the security vulnerabilities that are present. Cyberattackers use phishing and malware to infiltrate your cloud-based systems, often by compromising employee login information or otherwise forging authorization. Your business is also at risk of internal data leaks, whether accidental or intentional.

Cybersecurity breaches slow your business down, lead to regulatory violations, and compromise your reputation. Managing cloud access is crucial in today’s digital climate. Cloud identity security will enhance your ability to control access to data and software that exists in the cloud.

Cloud identity security is a set of practices and tools that bolster cloud security through access management. A cloud identity security system requires user authentication and authorization before granting access to cloud-based information or tools.

Your business can use cloud identity security to allow qualified personnel to access certain information while guarding data from unauthorized users. Typical cloud identity security solutions include two-step authentication, single sign-on, data encryption, and various other identity and access management solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Identity Security

Cloud identity security offers numerous advantages for businesses. Your organization will benefit from:

  • Stronger security: Bolster your defense against unauthorized data access and leaks.
  • Transparent monitoring: Allow administrators to oversee and alter access permissions at all times.
  • Improved efficiency: Maintain a consistent workflow without cybersecurity setbacks.
  • Increased scalability: Expand or reduce your authorization tools as your workforce evolves.
  • Simplified compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for data security in cloud-based systems.
  • Greater accountability: Trace access and usage for faster breach resolutions and compliance audits.

Our Cloud Identity Security Solutions

At CDI, we offer cloud identity security solutions for businesses nationwide. As one of the leading identity and access management providers, we provide customized solutions for businesses across industries.

Our cloud identity security solutions improve security and boost efficiency within businesses that share data and access software over a cloud-based network. We’ll develop a system that provides the appropriate level of authentication and authorization features for your industry and workforce.

The comprehensive cloud identity security solutions from CDI include:

  • Consultation: We’ll discuss the size of your workforce, regulations in your industry, current access management and authorization policies, vulnerabilities and other information that will inform our solution.
  • Integration: We’ll develop a cloud identity security solution with need-based features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and encryption.
  • Training: We’ll provide materials and guidance that help you implement the identity security solution across your workforce and establish a culture that prioritizes cloud security.
  • Management and support: We’ll remain available to your business for technical support, compliance auditing, and other ancillary services.

Cloud Identity Security Across Industries

Cloud identity security helps businesses in numerous industries use cloud systems safely and efficiently:

  • Health care: Manage access to electronic health records through multi-factor identification.
  • Manufacturing: Streamline access to equipment control software, inventory management systems, quality management systems, and other cloud-based software through single sign-on.
  • Financial services: Implement authentication methods that protect customers’ personally identifying information and banking information while enabling compliance and simplifying audit preparation.
  • Retail: Unify access requirements and permissions across multiple stores to protect customer and brand information.
  • Education: Consolidate access to student and faculty accounts — including email platforms, learning management systems, and grade book software — through single sign-on and dual authentication.

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Partnering with one of the top identity and access management companies will tighten security, simplify compliance, and improve your workflow. CDI is a cloud identity security company capable of providing personalized, scalable solutions for your business. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation and begin developing a cloud access management solution.

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