Modern Applications

For a variety of reasons, organizations around the world are looking to modernize their applications.

Some of these reasons include improving uptime and resiliency, increasing the frequency and reliability of deployments, reducing the resources required to run an application and the introduction of new features and capabilities.

CDI’s Modern Application practice helps organizations modernize their apps by taking advantage of newer languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms.



Time to market is the name of the game. CDI can unlock your developer productivity and help your teams build, test, and release software faster and more reliably with our comprehensive DevSecOps capabilities.



CDI helps distributed development teams integrate, test and release their software production with increased velocity by streamlining and automating the entire process.



Modern apps are built with modern architectures! Development team autonomy, granular scale, and reduced fault isolation are some of the benefits you can realize.

API Gateway & Service Mesh


Consistent, effective management of APIs and service-to-service communication is critical for the successful deployment and operation of modern apps.

Data Strategy


Modern applications require new ways to store and manage the data they need to function. We help organizations develop a data strategy that enables their app modernization initiatives.

Portfolio Mgmt & Modernization


CDI can help you discover and analyze your application portfolio. We help develop strategies for app modernization by identifying which apps should be rehosted, refactored, replaced by SaaS or retired.