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Organizations everywhere are trying to deliver exceptional and differentiated customer experiences, innovate quickly, and improve profitability. Most organizations view technology, almost exclusively, as the primary means to deliver a better experience to their customers and achieve a competitive advantage in our rapidly changing world.

At CDI, we know more is required - and much more is at stake.

Your relationships, research, partnerships, and the passionate discovery of exactly what is going to drive more and more customers, each at different stages of their own relentless journey, to your business rely on stable, consistent IT operations. However, to be successful, your organization must start with a solid foundation, rooted in technology.

CDI helps customers design, build and operate an automated and secure multi-cloud infrastructure foundation that accelerates their journey to digital business. With this foundation in place, customers can build and ship applications faster, respond more quickly to uncertain market conditions, and spend more time running their business by focusing on customer value—not IT infrastructure.

Build your digital foundation with CDI and accelerate the journey to digital business.

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Building a digital foundation requires the integration of many different technologies and processes. CDI gives customers the freedom to choose best-of-breed technology solutions and provides integration services to harmonize these technologies – maximizing efficiency and delivering outcome-oriented results.