IT Consulting and Solutions for Any Industry

We're not predicting the future of IT - we're making it.

In today’s digital age, businesses across various industries face unique technological challenges and opportunities. As a premier IT Systems Integrator, CDI provides end-to-end technology solutions tailor-made for your specific industry. We empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technology in transforming their operations, streamlining workflows, bolstering security, and promoting growth.

Our expertise spans all sectors sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Non-profit, and State, Local government, and Education (SLED). Whether it’s managing complex financial systems, optimizing healthcare data management, improving manufacturing processes, or revamping IT infrastructure for the public sector, CDI is your trusted partner. Explore how our customized technology solutions address unique needs and overcome industry-specific challenges.

Financial Services


Leverage our expert IT Consulting and Systems Integration services to navigate complex financial systems, enhancing efficiency, security, and compliance. As a trusted partner for many national and international financial institutions, we provide robust technology solutions, keeping pace with evolving financial services industry demands.



Our IT systems integration services cater specifically to the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on patient data management, interoperability, and maintaining stringent compliance standards. We offer solutions designed to streamline your health IT infrastructure, providing comprehensive patient care. Learn more >>>



We understand the unique IT requirements of the insurance industry. Our services and capabilities simplify your business operations, improve claims management, and ensure top-notch data security, equipping you to provide unparalleled services to your clients.



Enhance your legal operations with our specialized IT solutions. We empower law firms and legal departments with cutting-edge technology solutions, tailored to meet the demands of the legal industry, including case management, e-discovery, and data privacy.

Life Sciences


Transform your life science endeavors with best-of-breed IT solutions. We focus on delivering compliant, reliable, and innovative IT infrastructure to support research, clinical trials, and product development, fostering your pursuit of breakthroughs.



As a full-scale IT systems integrator, we provide customized technology solutions for the manufacturing industry. We optimize production lines, supply chain management, and data analytics, driving efficiency and fostering innovation in your manufacturing processes.

Media & Entertainment


Boost your media and entertainment venture with our comprehensive IT integration services. We enhance content distribution, digital asset management, and audience analytics with industry-specific technology solutions, fueling creativity and audience engagement.



Our IT solutions and systems integration services for non-profit organizations focus on maximizing impact with minimal resources. We provide technology solutions tailored to streamline operations, manage donor data, and boost fundraising efforts, empowering you to fulfill your mission. Contact our Salesforce consultants focused on non-profits >>>

Retail Services


Empower your retail business with our robust IT solutions and services. We help retailers streamline operations, manage inventory, boost e-commerce capabilities, and enhance customer experience. Experience the transformative impact of our technology solutions tailored for the dynamic retail industry.

Public Sector / SLED (State and Local Government, Education)


We specialize in IT systems integration for the SLED sector. Our services encompass secure data management, IT infrastructure optimization, and digital transformation, enhancing public service delivery and fostering innovation in education and local government operations. Learn more >>>