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Cloud computing offers the world a range of benefits, allowing us to access resources and databases without hardware limitations. Any business with a large team understands the advantages of cloud computing. However, similar to other forms of computer software, cloud computing is vulnerable to cyberattacks. At CDI, we offer advanced cloud security to protect your valuable company data.

Cloud Security Threats

Since many people have access to your cloud-based services, it becomes difficult to monitor who accesses the data and how they use it, making it easier for attackers to remain undetected.

Managing passwords and privacy settings can also become more challenging. Poor privacy settings make it easier for hackers to steal sensitive information — often, all you have to do is share a URL to give someone access to cloud-based resources.

Our Cloud Security Strategies

To experience the convenience of cloud computing without worrying about cyberattacks, you need reliable cloud security. At CDI, we have a team of certified cloud security professionals ready to improve your cloud computing experience. Our cloud security services cover:

Access Management

We will integrate tools and services that allow you to manage users trying to access your cloud-based resources. You can enforce digital identity creation for verified users to monitor and restrict access to authorized individuals only.

Additional Data Protection

Our experts can assist you with tools that prevent accidental data losses. We can set up data encryption and security alerts to protect the information stored in your cloud.

Data Recovery

Data breaches and losses can occasionally occur. We have the necessary tools and skills to help you recover lost information and react to malicious breaches. The key to successful data recovery is to act promptly, which is how we approach every aspect of cloud security.

The Benefits of Expert Cloud Security

Our cloud security services ensure you get the most from your cloud-based resources. As one of the best cloud security companies, our services offer several benefits, including:

More Control

We empower you to have more control over who accesses your company data. Our cloud security strategies focus on creating privacy settings that allow you to monitor authorized users and restrict unauthorized users simultaneously.

Streamlined Operations

Have peace of mind knowing your cloud-based data is safe, reserving more of your energy and hours for focusing on essential business activities.

Happier Customers and Employees

Your staff and customers will appreciate the additional security measures we integrate to protect their private data. You can strengthen their trust in your ability to keep their information out of the wrong hands.

Contact CDI, Your Trusted Cloud Security Partner

Cloud computing is a revolutionary tool that improves business operations, especially when managing large teams. While we all must be conscious of cloud-based cyberattacks, we shouldn’t allow them to spoil the convenience of cloud computing. At CDI, we take pride in elevating your IT experience with user-friendly cloud security. Contact us to learn more about our security solutions.

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