Digital Workflow

Digital workflows optimize how business gets done.

At CDI, our continuously expanding portfolio of digital solutions helps customers deliver cross-enterprise workflows that connect people, functions, and systems. Our extensive experience can help your organization work smarter and faster, deliver engaging experiences and scale the business. You can also leverage digital workflows to accelerate innovation, increase agility and enhance productivity.

Customer Experience


Deliver more personalized, streamlined, and effective customer experiences across all channels to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business. Learn more about CDI’s CRM expertise >>>

Employee Experience


Happy employees are productive employees. Boost employee productivity by simplifying how they can access the services they need.

Service Portal


As consumers, we have grown accustomed to self-service delivery models using engaging service portals. CDI can help your organization deliver this experience in the workplace.

Service Management


Provide world-class IT services that boost employee productivity, no matter where they work, with innovative ITSM solutions.

API Integrations


Hybrid architectures and multi-cloud adoption are driving a need for an API-first mindset. The integration of apps, data, and services is critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Asset Management


Track all your software and hardware assets through the full IT lifecycle to make better decisions, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.