Intelligent Operations

Let's face it, in the digital world our lives as operations personnel are more complicated than ever.

Our customers are dealing with traditional applications that keep the lights on, while they are simultaneously modernizing them for the future. In the meantime, organizations are left with a mixture of traditional and modern applications that are decentralized, often with components split across data centers or even cloud service providers.

Our intelligent operations solutions can help you “operate the chaos” by using powerful tools and automation that put hours back in your day and keep you from “fighting fires.”



Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to your IT operations so that you can more quickly and efficiently respond to issues when they occur.



Modern applications and infrastructure require modern operations! CDI can implement SRE practices in your business to ensure your services are always available and operating within your defined SLOs.

Log Analytics


Leverage the power of analytics to sift through what inevitably can expand into the largest volume of logs and data that your organization has ever had to manage.

Configuration Management


Ensure your environments are configured within your desired state, and achieve high levels of automation with advanced configuration management tools.



Achieve full stack visibility of applications and the underlying infrastructure by implementing a comprehensive observability stack that considers the unique perspectives and viewpoints of developers, operators, security, and more.

Cloud Management


Cloud management platforms provide a consistent control plane and management experience spanning both public and private cloud infrastructure.