CDI Managed Security Services

Optimizing Efficiency, Amplifying Impact

Safeguard your business from evolving cybersecurity threats with CDI’s Managed Cybersecurity Services. We revolutionize cybersecurity management through our proactive approach, identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks before they pose a threat.

Our custom services, based on cutting-edge technology, ensure a robust defense and intelligent offense against potential threats. With CDI, experience the peace of mind that comes from a resilient security shield, integrating seamlessly with your existing framework.

Cyber Advisory Program


Dive deep into your organization’s security posture with CDI’s unparalleled Cyber Advisory Program. Starting with rigorous assessments and penetration testing to unearth vulnerabilities, we not only spotlight weaknesses but actively consult, offering best-of-breed solutions and expert guidance. Benefit from the wisdom of your very own VCISO and specialized security consulting services, ensuring a fortified, future-proof business environment. Learn more >>>

Threat Detection and Management


Harness the power of proactive threat detection and response with Threat Detection and Management. CDI’s managed service ensures optimized utilization of elite cybersecurity solutions for robust and reliable defense, with the support of Arctic Wolf. Learn more about the CDI + Arctic Wolf partnership >>>

Endpoint Vulnerability Management


Experience seamless endpoint security and system management with the support of CDI and Tanium. CDI’s expert team oversees the deployment and management of Tanium’s platform, bolstering your IT ecosystem’s security. Learn more about the CDI + Tanium partnership >>>

Cloud Endpoint Defense Management


Fortify your cyber defense with CrowdStrike and CDI. We integrate and manage AI-driven technology to provide your business with superior, proactive threat intelligence and protection. Learn more about the CDI + CrowdStrike partnership >>>