Web Application Security

Businesses cannot operate without their web applications. When web applications experience attacks, it can halt critical business processes. Web application security protects your organization’s web applications from security threats and vulnerabilities. With CDI as your security partner, we will help you establish a proactive security strategy that prevents potential issues and safeguards your business from disruptions.

The Importance of Web Application Security

Web applications without a preventative security strategy come with a long list of associated risks. Cybercriminals are smarter than ever, always finding new ways to attack your website and associated software programs to manipulate your data. For example, criminals can use cross-site scripting (XSS) to access data directly or trick you into providing your data by impersonating a user. Another common threat is SQL injection (SQLi), where an attacker modifies user permissions to manipulate or delete important data.

Those are only two examples of web application threats. There are many creative ways for criminals to get what they want from any software program that runs on your web servers. Web application security is essential for every business in this digital age.

How to Secure Web Applications

Web application security tactics are ever-changing to adapt to new cyberthreats. At CDI, we offer versatile solutions to accommodate a wide range of businesses and respond to evolving risks. We know how important your web applications are, so we provide lasting security solutions to ensure your business operates smoothly. Some of our best security practices for web applications include:

Web Application Firewall

Web application firewalls (WAF) identify known and potential traffic that may be exploiting web application vulnerabilities. Cyberthreats can be difficult to catch because they evolve rapidly, so WAFs are essential to keeping those vulnerabilities under control.

Input Validation

We can block poorly formatted data from your web application workflow to reduce the risk of malicious code attacking your application.


We use up-to-date practices to encrypt inbound and outbound transmissions and protect data against cyber theft.

Authentication and Authorization

Strong passwords and multifactor authentication practices offer additional security, making it more challenging for malicious attackers to get your data.

The Benefits of Web Application Security

Web application security plays a vital role in keeping your business operational. There are many advantages to integrating quality web application security into your operations, such as:

Building Confidence in Your Business

You can assure your customers that their data is safe and sound by informing them about your web application security system. Protecting your web applications builds a brand name customers can trust.

Experiencing Fewer Business Interruptions

You rely on your website to keep your business running smoothly, and you may experience a loss of sales or lose clients if your web applications don’t function properly. Protect your web applications with expert security solutions.

Reducing Cyberattacks

The most significant benefit of web application security is that it decreases malicious cyberattacks, preserving the time and money that you would spend trying to retrieve lost data.

Get Trusted Security for Web Applications

Here at CDI, we are dedicated to providing real-time solutions for our customers. We understand how rapidly the world of IT changes. That is why we adapt to every new challenge as it occurs. Contact us today for unmatched web application security.

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