Endpoint Security

The devices your employees use to access your network drive require careful security. Cybercriminals use the devices connected to your network in attempts to access your data. Endpoint security is a way to protect your network by fortifying network-connected devices. CDI offers endpoint security solutions for businesses in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and more. Our custom endpoint security tools will save your business time and money by bolstering cybersecurity.

What Is Endpoint Security?

An endpoint is a device that uses your network to send and receive communication. Your employees use various endpoints to access your network. Examples include laptops, tablets, smartphones and point-of-sale systems.

Endpoints act as portals to your data and programs. The portals expedite communication and data access for employees, but their accessibility also makes endpoints common targets for cybercriminals.

Cybercriminals use endpoints to obtain sensitive data such as personal information and intellectual property. Protecting endpoints, especially remote devices, is crucial to preserving your business’s data, protecting customers and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Endpoint security is a set of programs and policies that protect your network at these points, preventing data breaches at the most vulnerable junctures. Endpoint security strategies implement programs and techniques such as firewalls, antivirus software and data encryption. Successful endpoint security prevents unauthorized data access, data loss, malware infections and compliance failure.

Endpoint Security Services From CDI

CDI offers endpoint security management for businesses across industries. We develop powerful endpoint security solutions through a collaborative process that produces a system tailored to your business’s needs. With CDI, your business will have antivirus and malware defenses, a sturdy firewall for network security and encryption for sensitive data. We’ll also work with your leadership to establish endpoint security policies and train your staff to implement best practices.

Our process is simple and effective:

  1. Evaluation and consultation: We’ll assess your network and endpoints to provide need-based security recommendations.
  2. Development and deployment: We’ll customize endpoint security software for your network, deploy it across devices and teach users to access data safely.
  3. Detection and response: Our software will detect and respond to endpoint security threats using machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce your staff’s workload.

Benefits of Endpoint Security Implementation

Endpoint security offers protection where it matters most. By implementing a robust endpoint security solution, your organization will:

  • Stay ahead of cyber threats: Keep pace with evolving cybersecurity threats by implementing an efficient patch management system that updates device software.
  • Limit internal breaches: Control access so the most sensitive information is only available to authorized and authenticated personnel.
  • Block suspicious websites: Establish a firewall that denies communication with sites that could contain malware or viruses.
  • Maintain relationships: Promote your business through active security measures that build trust with your clients.
  • Comply with regulations: Follow data protection requirements by safeguarding the points where sensitive information is most vulnerable.
  • Save time and money: Maximize productivity by preventing breaches that would slow or halt your business’s operations.

Dependable Endpoint Security From an Experienced Organization

CDI is among the industry’s most experienced endpoint security vendors. We commit to a “change or die” approach to cybersecurity that results in agile endpoint security solutions tailored to businesses’ exact needs.

We provide full-service network security solutions with support from IT professionals covering a broad service area in the United States and beyond. Our network security solutions earn awards and accolades for their impact on some of the world’s most prominent business environments.

We’re not just predicting the future of IT — we’re creating it, so partner with CDI for dependable endpoint security.

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