The CDI Way our culture code

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  • come out swinging

    Come Out

    We're focused on speed and moving with the agility and flexibility needed to grow our business and deliver solutions faster than our competitors. We respond and engage quickly, but never sacrifice precision or quality.

  • Take Risks

    Take Risks

    We urge every employee to think big, live courageously and champion innovation. If you have an idea, we want to hear it. CDI employees think without constraints, inspire with originality and are the disrupters who take smart risks. We want you to be bold, never sell scared, and just go for it. A champion of being bold doesn't shy away from competition or opportunities that feel impossible. They take charge of their own success, think outside the box, write new stories and show no fear.

  • >Never Win or Lose Alone

    Never Win or
    Lose Alone

    We believe in a collaborative and dynamic environment that embraces working hard and playing hard. We have a strong will to win in every aspect of our business and make sure we work together across all facets of the company to meet the needs of our customers. If we win, we stay humble and it's onto the next one. And if we lose? We know that it's just an opportunity to get better for the next game.

  • Change or Die

    Change or Die

    Better, newer, faster, stronger. Technology is constantly changing, and we are always one-step ahead of the latest trends. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives our growth and everything we do. We develop future-oriented products and services to ensure that we provide our customers with the best next-gen solutions for their business.

  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

    Culture Eats
    Strategy for Breakfast

    We're dedicated to providing our team members with a diverse and inclusive corporate culture packed with offsite training, a multimillion-dollar hands-on demo lab, team-building activities, a super competitive fantasy football league, and a ton of companywide events - which have included personalities such as Derek Jeter, Dan Marino, the Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Welch, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and Dick Vitale.

  • Start with the End in Mind

    Start with the
    End in Mind

    Outcomes, not technology features, drive client success. Based on our collective experiences, we've developed a technical service methodology to ensure that each project is completed with a business outcome in mind.

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