CDI Cloud Services

Streamlining Business with Cloud Expertise

CDI’s tailored cloud solutions offer your business increased IT efficiency, driving growth and productivity. We provide a team of cloud specialists who work as an extension of your IT team, managing all aspects of your hybrid cloud environment. From compute to storage to security, we’ve got it covered.

Our robust services allow your organization to leverage the power of the cloud without the management burden. We understand the unique complexities of hybrid cloud environments, and our experts are adept at managing these complexities to optimize your business operations. As a result, your team is freed to focus on strategic initiatives, while we ensure your cloud operations run smoothly and securely.



Secure your data with CDI’s Backup-as-a-Service, offering efficient backup solutions for diverse environments while adhering to compliance standards. Learn more about our BaaS offering >>>

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service


CDI’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service ensures rapid, cloud-based recovery for outages, offering redundant infrastructure and robust DR planning. Learn more about our DRaaS offering >>>



Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides top-tier infrastructure platforms, ensuring your workloads are hosted securely and can scale as needed. Learn more about our IaaS offering >>>



With CDI’s Storage-as-a-Service, optimize your data storage and management, boosting your organization’s operational agility and efficiency.



Experience seamless virtual desktop integration with our Desktop-as-a-Service, empowering your workforce with flexible and secure remote access.

Public Cloud Solutions


Leverage CDI’s Managed Public Cloud Services for expert navigation across premier cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. We ensure optimal configuration, cost-efficiency, and robust security, empowering your business to maximize the cloud’s potential with agility and confidence.