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The Future of Healthcare Takes Center Stage at HIMSS18

Dr. Scott Vinci

Well-established enterprise organizations, long considered the foundation of our modern healthcare system, and new startups have both promised a much-needed disruption in healthcare IT. And HIMSS18 attendees would certainly agree. The annual conference renewed our inspiration—the Healthcare Revolution is alive and well and gaining momentum.

SRE Journey Extends Beyond Cloud and Container Orchestration for Post-Serverless World

Justin Van Wygerden

Looking back in time from the year 2030, will your organization rank among the cloud success stories? In this blog, we will explore emerging tech trends and concepts you can apply to determine where your company stands in the critical new arenas of Cloud Optimization, DevSecOps, and Site Reliability Engineering.

Clouds are the New Silos: How to Survive in a Multi-Cloud World

Will Huber

Many organizations without the right IT partners insist on going down their own multi-cloud hybrid highway alone. Don’t get stuck in a silo. Eventually you will strain your own IT resources, especially when most organizations are challenged with flat or shrinking budgets. Lower your operating costs by doing more with less. Discover how CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) fits into your new multi-cloud world.

Hybrid Cloud Simplicity with VMware Cloud Foundation

Joshua David

In this special guest blog, Joshua David of VMware explains how the latest release of VMware Cloud Foundation has become the simplest to deploy and operate, managing all the components in your softwar…

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