Did You Know?

Zero Touch Operations

DID YOU KNOW… that you can reduce risk, drive measurable value and accelerate key business outcomes through CDI’s Zero Touch Operations?

Zero Touch Operations (ZTO) is an evolution of CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF). It’s about day-two operations and automation. It means we’re building a run time operating model that effectively manages, heals, scales and governs itself.

ZTO is about integrating (and road mapping!) various software tools to drive predictable operational business outcomes – make money, save money, reduce risk.

Key Business Outcomes:

  • Drastic reduction in MTTR/MTTI > 50%
  • 98% reduction in monthly ticket volume
  • 50% improved SLA’s
  • 40% overall cost reduction
  • Greatly improve alert to ticket compression ratios (100+:1)
  • Reduce risk and accelerate key business outcomes through programmatic automation
  • Automated code to metal application insight in real time

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Zero Touch Operations