Zero Touch Digital Operations

Learn how to reduce risk, drive measurable value and accelerate key business outcomes through Zero Touch Digital Operations, the newest solution in CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) portfolio.

Zero Touch Digital Operations

Zero Touch Digital Operations (ZTO) is an evolution of HCAF. It’s about day-two operations and automation. It means we’re building a run time operating model that effectively manages, heals, scales and governs itself. ZTO is about integrating (and road mapping!) various software tools to drive predictable operational business outcomes – make money, save money, reduce risk.

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Zero Touch Operations

Learn how to reduce risk, drive measurable value and accelerate key business outcomes through Zero Touch Operations, the newest solution in CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) portfolio.

Demo 1
Zero Touch Application Provisioning

Provision an instance of an application from a self-service portal to either an on-premises environment or the public cloud. The portal gives the end user choice and the result is the same – their application and all of its dependencies are deployed in a production-ready manner, automatically. Featured products are ServiceNow, Cisco Cloud Center, AppDynamics, AWS.

Demo 2
Zero Touch Outage Remediation

Full closed loop detection, documentation, and remediation of infrastructure and application related outages. In this demo we show outages can be detected and resolved without human interaction. Featured products are ServiceNow and AppDynamics.

  • Have you operationalized a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy? Are you driving measurable business value?
  • Which cloud – VMware-based, Amazon, Azure?
  • Are DevOps and Agile pet projects, or a cultural paradigm within your organization?
  • Is software definition a buzzword, or the heartbeat of your on-premise cloud fabric?
  • Are you frustrated with big ticket software spend that is underutilized, or worse, becomes shelf ware?
  • Is your CMDB up to date? Do you trust your CMDB?
  • Containers, PaaS, Serverless — which one for me?
  • Are you automated? If so, where? If not, why?
  • Do you have an AI strategy? Are you being pressured to come up with one?
  • Do you even have the right organizational structure to capitalize on digital and the afore mentioned?
  • Lastly, is ServiceNow someone else’s product (or problem) or core to your operational and digital strategy?

Key Business Outcomes of ZTO:

  • Drastic reduction in MTTR/MTTI >50%
  • 98% reduction in monthly ticket volume
  • 50% improved SLA’s
  • 40% overall cost reduction
  • Greatly improve alert to ticket
    compression ratios (100+:1)
  • Reduce risk and accelerate key business
    outcomes through programmatic automation
  • Automated code to metal application
    insight in real time


1. Organizations Have Tool Fatigue

  • Many customers own more than 60%-70% of the necessary tools, however they are often running in silos or worse, shelfware
  • Customers are also challenged with vetting many vendors and navigating disparate agendas
  • ZTO provides the blueprints, flexibility, thoughtful guidance and architectural choice – with a focus on outcomes and tremendous ROI opportunity

2. Flexible and Vendor Agnostic

CDI’s approach is flexible and vendor agnostic whether your preference:

  • Cisco ACI or VMware NSX, or both
  • Azure, Amazon or VMware cloud
  • Splunk, ELK or AppDynamics
  • Turbonomic or VRops
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • ServiceNow, just ITSM, or platform play
  • And more!

Additionally, there are multiple ways for CDI to engage: T&M, staff augmentation, ‘aaS’ monthly recurring or project-based (fixed scope) consulting

3. Automation, Automation, Automation!

Automation provides a few key benefits to the enterprise:

Risk Reduction: To automate you must standardize, as standardization enables better security and reduces complexity. With governed, programmatic automation, we can ensure patching and firmware are compatible, and not deployed in an exposed or vulnerable state. Automating highly repetitive, mundane tasks potential human error.

Cost Reduction: Drive denser utilization of resources with performance assurance. Properly automated environments reduce overall cost per contact and drive significant improvements across Mean Time to Resolution (or MTTR), Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and FTE cost.

Service Management and Agility: Automation is foundational to maintaining a proper CMDB and having a proper CMDB is foundational to the dynamic, software-defined, service driven, multi-cloud world. You must know which applications (services) are touching which assets, where, when, and in real time. With a properly integrated, automated, and agile software defined strategy – we are simply able to go much faster.