Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF)

Build and deliver agile IT services for hybrid cloud success

Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework – AGILITY • EFFICIENCY • SIMPLICITY

The CDI Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) helps clients address key hybrid cloud inhibitors and accelerate the journey to realizing hybrid cloud business value.

The Business Challenge

Cloud has become mainstream, with latest adoption figures at 68%. Leading organizations are now realizing cloud’s significant value and ROI through increased cost efficiencies, business agility, productivity and innovation through digital transformation.

While cloud adoption is continuing to grow, only 31% of organizations are realizing the full benefits. Many organizations have yet to channel cloud investments into full realization of the substantial business value and ROI that it can provide.

HCAF Framework

Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF): How to Accelerate and De-risk the Path to Hybrid Cloud
Many organizations have yet to realize the substantial business value and ROI that a mature cloud strategy can provide. This white paper describes CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) and how HCAF accelerates and de-risks the journey to realizing the full business potential of the hybrid cloud.

The HCAF Methodology

The methodology has been designed to be no-nonsense, simple, as lean as possible and is centered on accelerating the maturity of a client’s hybrid cloud strategy, driving alignment of business and IT and reducing risk. Ultimately, it ensures business outcomes are delivered from hybrid cloud adoption.

HCAF Diagram

The HCAF Services

Our HCAF services portfolio has been build from the ground up and centered around the end-to-end client journey to hybrid cloud adoption.


The HCAF Solutions

Our solutions comprise of reference architectures and use case libraries built for hybrid cloud, ITSM (IT service management) and DevOps. Combined they help to accelerate and reduce cost and risk throughout design and deployment stages.Amazon Web Services

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