CDI Cyber Advisory Program: Elevate Security with Expert Guidance and Custom Solutions

Spencer Grogan

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Explore CDI’s Cyber Advisory Program with Nick Pier, Director of DevSecOps, and Nolan Forrest, Team Lead for CDI’s Red Team. In this insightful video, they delve into the core aspects of the Cyber Advisory Program, CDI’s premier security initiative designed to address key challenges faced by organizations.

The program addresses the critical issue of accessing #SecurityTalent by aligning your organization with a dedicated security professional consultant. This named individual commits their time to guide your organization from start to finish, providing invaluable advice and expertise. The program also involves scheduling security compliance assessments throughout the year to ensure adherence to cyber insurance, governmental regulations, industry standards, and customer expectations.

Customizability is a key feature of the Cyber Advisory Program. Organizations can bundle specific assessments, such as Penetration Tests for cyber insurance or risk assessments for HIPAA compliance, into the program. This consolidated approach allows clients to rely on a single organization for all their security assessment needs, fostering a consistent roadmap and vision for remediation.

Nolan Forrest highlights the program’s third benefit—after completing penetration tests and gap assessments, clients receive a prioritized roadmap. Leveraging CDI’s remediation hours, organizations can efficiently address vulnerabilities, relieving the burden on their internal teams. The program offers access to world-class assets proficient in Microsoft, cloud, Azure, O365 identity management, and network engineering.

Nick Pier emphasizes that the Cyber Advisory Program is not only a comprehensive security solution but also an extension of your team. Whether you need assistance in resolving firewall configurations, hardening images for VDI deployment, or addressing findings from security assessments, CDI’s experts are ready to drive effective remediation.

Discover more about CDI’s Cyber Advisory Program by reaching out to your account executive or emailing [email protected]. Enhance your organization’s security posture and streamline the path to compliance with CDI’s Cyber Advisory Program.

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Cyber Advisory Program Transcript:

Nick Pier: My name is Nick Pier, I am the director of DevSecOps at CDI.

Nolan Forrest: Hi, my name is Nolan Forrest, and I’m the team lead for CDI’s Red Team.

Nick Pier: Today, I want to tell you about the Cyber Advisory Program. The Cyber Advisory Program is CDI’s premier security program, and it’s designed to address three main pain points of our customers.

The first pain point is access to security talent in the industry. We align your organization with a security professional consultant who is a named individual with committed time for your organization and committed to the success of your organization’s strategy. They advise you from start to finish in the program.

We then start scheduling your security compliance based assessments throughout the year so that you’re in compliance and able to meet your obligations to things like cyber insurance or maybe governmental or industry constraints or even just what you’re telling your customers that you’re doing. If you need a Penetration Test to meet cyber insurance, or just even good hygiene requirements, or maybe PCI, bundle it in with the program. If you’re in healthcare and you need to have a risk assessment performed for HIPAA, bundle it into the program. The program is customizable so that you can go to a single organization for all of your security assessment needs throughout the year and work with a security consultant who is informed by all of these assessments and findings for a consistent road map and consistent vision around remediation.

Nolan Forrest: The third benefit of using one security provider for a year long assessment is once we complete the penetration test, the gap assessment, we’re able to build a prioritized roadmap for you. And then you can pull in our remediation hours to go ahead and say, I need help remediating the following finding.

Oftentimes we find the customer knows about the vulnerabilities in their environment. They just don’t have comfort in either implementing that fix or they don’t have the time. And so being able to pull in world class assets and let them solve that problem alleviates a large burden for your internal team.

Nick Pier: We have experts in Microsoft, cloud, Azure, and O365 identity management. If you need a network engineer to resolve an issue with a firewall configuration found from a pentest, or to harden images for a VDI deployment, tap into our team to actually drive remediation and resolve some of the findings from the security assessments performed throughout the year.

The Cyber Advisory Program is a security program in a box, but can also just be an extension of your team.

Nolan Forrest: So if you’d like to learn more about the Cyber Advisory Program, You can either reach out to your existing account executive or email [email protected].