Penetration Testing Services

Pen Testing Services by CDI

Real life scenarios, for real life problems.

At CDI, we take an offensive approach to security. Featuring years of cyber security experience, our Red Team of ethical hackers will perform exhaustive penetration testing of your network, applications, and systems in order to determine your every weakness – before the real life hackers figure it out themselves.

Schedule your 30 minute, introductory call today and learn how CDI can help you maintain compliance and validate the effectiveness of your security controls.

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What is Pen Testing?

CDI’s Penetration Testing involves simulated real-world attacks to identify ways to circumvent your organization’s security features. Pen Tests often involve issuing real attacks on real systems and data, using the same tools and techniques being employed by today’s hackers.

When done correctly, pen testing actively detects, exploits, and report on vulnerabilities in external, internal, and web application infrastructure through engagements with a trained and ethical Red Team. Our team uses all of the same plays as the hacking groups making headlines around the world.

Why perform a Penetration Test?

Are you protected against the attack playbooks of Ransomware groups? Can you detect an attack in progress?

Whether you are applying for cybersecurity insurance or need to achieve and maintain compliance (governmental or internal policy), performing a cyber security Penetration Test is a clear first step. A thorough Pen Test by an expert Red Team will help inform your people, process, and technology decisions.

With CDI’s penetration testing, you will be able to rely on accurate reporting that provides remediation guidance and a roadmap to secure your organization and keep business operating.

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How does the Pen Testing process work?

We will begin by reviewing the rules of engagement with your organization. You will know what our plan is, how we operate, and when we will perform each step – will you be able to stop us?

From there, the CDI Security Solutions team will start the process of testing your networks vulnerabilities, providing daily action reports on the in-scope project tasks. Finally, we will analyze the findings and build your roadmap of recommended remediations.

About CDI

CDI’s expert security team offers top-notch penetration testing services designed to help clients protect themselves against malicious cyber threats. Our experienced Red Team of ethical hackers possesses extensive knowledge and employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure your organization’s security posture is resilient and robust. By partnering with CDI, you are trusting a team that is dedicated to safeguarding your network, applications, and systems from potential attacks.

Our penetration testing services not only help identify vulnerabilities but also provide guidance on remediation and improvement. CDI’s focus is on delivering tailored solutions to meet your organization’s unique security needs. With our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we aim to provide the highest level of protection for your organization, ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly and securely. Schedule an introductory call today to learn more about how CDI’s security team can help protect your organization.