Cybersecurity Gap Assessment

A Cybersecurity Gap Assessment Worth Your Time

Quick, efficient assessment of your security posture

No one wants their name in a headline.

The world of cybersecurity is becoming more and more complex, and you need to stay on top of your game in order to keep your organization protected.

But where do you even start?

CDI’s Cybersecurity Gap Assessment will look at your security infrastructure and determine any area where you may be vulnerable. This is not your typical, tedious questionnaire. This is a conversational, interview based assessment designed to get both sides really thinking about your entire security stature.

Whether you follow a specific security framework or you need help determining the best choice for your organization, the CDI Security team is able to analyze and assess your cybersecurity and then build your roadmap for success.

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CIS Center for Internet Security Framework
CMMC Cyber Framework
HIPAA Cybersecurity Framework
NIST Framework

What is a Cybersecurity Gap Assessment?

Sometimes known as a Gap Analysis, the Cybersecurity Gap Assessment is the logical first step for developing a comprehensive strategy to strengthen your organization’s defenses.

In today’s security climate, it is not enough to just set and forget. Most organizations need a full-scale Gap Assessment that provides a broad review of their entire security infrastructure, along with routine maintenance and constant updating. A proper Gap Assessment looks at your security posture, puts it to the test against a known framework, and, step-by-step, determines where you are and are not in compliance.

We are aware of all the latest tricks and methods being utilized by hackers around the world, and update our assessments to make sure we are asking the right questions.

Why should you perform a Gap Assessment and Analysis?

Simply put… how can you be so sure you are protected?

Often, clients come to CDI with the impression they are protected. But after a short phone call, find out about issues with their initial user credentials or “forgotten” devices.

A Gap Assessment is the logical first step when determining the efficiency of your cybersecurity. Work with our team of knowledgeable security consultants to understand where you are today and where you want to be.

Cybersecurity Gap Assessment

How do we perform our Cybersecurity Gap Assessment?

The CDI Gap Assessment is not your traditional, tedious assessment. We don’t send out hundred-page questionnaires for you to spend days filling out. That is just a waste of everyone’s time.

We do things differently, often setting up two, 2-hour phone calls where we simply have a conversation about how your organization operates. Our security team knows we must understand your business first in order to make recommendations.

You may already follow a specific security framework, and need our team to ensure you are in compliance. Or, you may need help determining what framework is best for you. The team at CDI are certified and well-versed in the most well-known frameworks and will cater the conversation to your specifications.

From there, we take our notes and build out a full report for your team. We will lay out the controls, gaps, recommendations, and roadmap for your success – all in the order that makes senses for your business, and not some cookie-cutter, generic “how to.” With that in hand, you can move forward knowing exactly what the next steps should be… Penetration Testing? Vulnerability Scanning? CDI will provide the playbook for building your elite defense.

About CDI

As the digital economy evolves, CDI is prepared to protect our customers’ most critical assets. For many, this means creating a comprehensive security strategy built on a solid digital foundation.

Launched in 2020, CDI Security Solutions marries its strengths in infrastructure, DevOps, and digital transformation with security. The integrated approach allows CDI to align with our clients’ need and deliver modern, thought-leading solutions.