IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Why CDI for Healthcare

Adopt the best technology with the help of industry experts

No one wants to wake up and see their name in the newspapers, and healthcare leaders understand they are directly in the crosshairs for malicious actors.

What makes this threat worse is the direct impact it can have on human life and the local communities. At CDI, we feel a sense of duty to do right by our Healthcare clients and are putting additional focus, investment, and dedication into this important vertical. This is CDI Healthcare. 

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CDI IT Solutions

What can CDI do for clients in Healthcare?

The CDI Healthcare team will bring together the joint expertise of all CDI pillars to help organizations achieve and surpass their business outcomes. Best-of-breed solutions for Intelligent Operations, Automation, and DevOps will allow healthcare providers the opportunity to manage and operate their systems more effectively.

With specialties in Security, Modern Applications, Intelligent Operations, Digital Workflow, Digital Workspace, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, our team of experts are prepared to support your organization overcome any challenge.

Why work with CDI?

CDI Healthcare is a segmented group led by Healthcare IT veterans featuring decades of experience. We have a long history of enabling clients large and small to architect, procure, and deploy secure, automated, software-defined, hybrid cloud solutions for mission critical healthcare applications.  All while reducing risk and saving tens of millions of dollars.

We are expanding these capabilities across CDI’s entire footprint and are in a position to offer the next-generation of solutions for digital transformation. CDI has been named a top partner with over 200 of the world’s largest technology companies and can offer a roadmap for success specific to you.

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How does CDI help clients in healthcare?

Recognizing that threats of cyber-attacks are growing each day, organizations will be able to lean on CDI’s elite security solutions team, industry-leading penetration testing, endpoint protection, and more. Understanding that the stability and availability of records is paramount for healthcare organizations, the CDI Healthcare team will provide solutions designed to drive value and manage risk – whether data is on-premises, or there are aspirations of secure cloud management.

CDI is known for high-impact work within the industry and retains in-depth understanding of healthcare applications. Currently in a time of hyper growth, CDI’s overall solutions and IT capabilities within the Healthcare industry has increased exponentially and now provides their clients unrivaled capabilities for healthcare related to Healthcare Applications, VDI, Cyber Security and Resiliency, Automation, and DevOps.

Healthcare organizations have seen reduced costs through CDI’s customized technical decisions, and routine testing has alleviated compliance headaches.

About CDI

As the digital economy evolves, CDI is prepared to protect our customers’ most critical assets. For many, this means creating a comprehensive security strategy built on a solid digital foundation.

Launched in 2020, CDI Security Solutions marries its strengths in infrastructure, DevOps, and digital transformation with security. The integrated approach allows CDI to align with our clients’ need and deliver modern, thought-leading solutions.