IT Solutions for the Public Sector

Why CDI for Public Sector

Adopt the best technology with the help of industry experts

Our public servants are more resource constrained today than ever before.

Government and education organizations have unique challenges to solve for their constituents, administration, students, and faculty. The undertakings of our state and local governments, higher education institutions, and school districts have a great end in mind – serving our citizens, educating our next generation workforce, and teaching our youngest minds.

At CDI, we understand the issues at play for the Public Sector. Our decades of experience give us an advantage over other systems integrators, but our deep catalog of services are what really set us apart.

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CDI IT Solutions

What can CDI do for Public Sector clients?

Public Sector customers are often trying to strike the right balance between adopting the correct technology for their needs AND navigating the compliance, reliability, and procurement of such technology. We help our customers with navigating these complex challenges to arrive at the best outcome for their environment.

With specialties in Security, Modern Applications, Intelligent Operations, Digital Workflow, Digital Workspace, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, our team of experts are prepared to support your organization overcome any challenge.

Why work with CDI?

CDI has a team dedicated to supporting clients across government and education. When you work with CDI, you work directly with a consultative team experienced in your industry and with multi-disciplined engineers.

We understand your challenges are unique and that you need solutions custom fit to your organization, not based on what we want you to do. CDI has been named a top partner with over 200 of the world’s largest technology companies and can offer a roadmap for success specific to you.

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How does CDI help the Public Sector?

We boast a deep bench of award-winning engineers who can provide consulting across all practice areas like hybrid cloud infrastructure, security, Microsoft, Salesforce, and even ServiceNow. We have helped many clients achieve success with solutions for:

  • Ransomware: Everything from a low-cost gap assessment to comprehensive Managed Detection & Response (MDR).
  • Microsoft: Migrations to Azure, Teams, security tools environment cleanup, and licensing help – to name a few!
  • Managed Services: Do more, with less! Our Modern IT Operations team can help with service offerings in VDI, security, disaster recovery, network, and more.

These are just a few examples of how CDI can help, but rest assured we can help with any issue that comes your way. We may be headquartered in New York City, but our field resources are located across the country and can be on-site to discuss these offerings and more.

About CDI

CDI’s Public Sector consulting services address the unique challenges faced by government and education organizations. Our team of industry experts excels in Security, Modern Applications, Intelligent Operations, Digital Workflow, Digital Workspace, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, assisting clients in navigating complex challenges and adopting the right technology.

By partnering with CDI, you gain access to a dedicated consultative team experienced in your industry as well as multi-disciplined engineers. We offer tailored solutions and have been recognized as a top partner by over 200 of the world’s largest technology companies. Our award-winning engineers provide comprehensive support, tackling issues such as ransomware, Microsoft migrations, and Managed Services. Trust CDI to be your strategic partner in overcoming challenges and achieving success in the Public Sector.