Securing the Future | Blending Security & Modern Applications

Spencer Grogan

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Join Felix Vargas, CTO of CDI, in an insightful CDI Live episode delving deep into the world of application security. In this engaging conversation, Felix is joined by Russell Pope, the CTO of Modern Applications, as they explore crucial aspects of securing applications in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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🛡️ Key Topics Covered:

– Introduction to Application Security: Felix and Russell kick off the episode by introducing the significance of application security in the modern digital era.

– Guest Spotlight – Russell Pope: Russell shares insights into his role as the CTO of Modern Applications, overseeing developer experience, secure software supply chains, DevOps transformation, and more.

– Tools for Application Security: The discussion navigates through essential tools like Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Software Component Analysis (SCA).

-CISA’s Secure by Design Guidelines: Exploring the role of CISA’s guidelines in encouraging a shift towards secure software development practices, accountability, and transparency.

– Challenges and Solutions: Russell sheds light on organizations’ prevalent challenges in standardizing security tools and offers solutions to streamline processes. Getting Started with Application Security: The duo provides valuable insights into initiating the application security journey, emphasizing the importance of Software Component Analysis as a starting point.

🔍 How CDI Can Help: Explore how CDI can assist organizations in enhancing their application security through assessments, tool integrations, DevSecOps transformation, and even red teaming and penetration testing.

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00:00 – Introduction to Application Security & Russell Pope

01:58 – Exploring Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing

02:25 – Understanding Vulnerability Management

04:23 – Deep Dive into Software Component Analysis

06:53 – Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

07:48 – The Role of CISA and Secure by Design Guidelines

11:30 – The Challenge of Tool Standardization

14:53 – How to Get Started with Application Security

18:47 – How CDI Can Help

21:43 – Closing Remarks and Future Plans