Unlocking Security: A Deep Dive into Penetration Testing with CDI’s Ethical Hackers

Nick Sero

What is Pen Testing? Why is it important?

Explore the world of Penetration Testing with CDI’s expert team of ethical hackers. In this insightful video, Nick Pier, the Director of DevSecOps at CDI, and Nolan Forrest, the Red Team Lead, shed light on the crucial practice of penetration testing and its various forms.

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a dynamic field where no two tests are alike. Nick and his team, also known as the Red Team, are dedicated to testing and fortifying your network defenses. They may simulate external attacks from an internet-based perspective or assess your internal network’s resilience in the face of potential breaches.

The video walks you through the essential stages of pen testing, starting with meticulous research and discovery about your organization. Whether they are conducting internal or external tests, CDI’s team uses open source intelligence, network scans, and other strategies to gather valuable information about your staff, infrastructure, and external services.

What sets CDI apart is their commitment to a hands-on approach. Unlike automated tools, their ethical hackers make leaps that machines can’t, offering a human touch that enhances the testing process. The Red Team’s primary focus is communication, ensuring that their tests align with your security goals and providing detailed reports with actionable insights.

CDI goes beyond the basics, often combining pen tests with gap assessments to provide immediate remediation suggestions and long-term strategic roadmaps for improving your security posture. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive cyber advisory program that includes services like vulnerability scanning, remediation, and virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) support, delivering a complete cybersecurity package.

Discover why CDI is your trusted partner for penetration testing and cybersecurity solutions. Don’t miss the chance to fortify your defenses and protect your valuable assets. Contact CDI today for a cybersecurity program in a box.