Reliable and secure backup without complexity

Fast and efficient backup in a compliant, fully redundant service package.

At CDI, our mission involves bringing your business into the modern era and keeping it there. IT solutions in the modern era require modern security, and when it comes to your most sensitive information, a filing cabinet or run-of-the-mill cloud service is not enough. Keeping data storage on-site, while convenient, also opens up new vulnerabilities to your business, particularly in instances of inclement weather or targeted attacks.

The best way to keep your information safe and secure is to use a professional backup service that caters to your company’s individual needs.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offers increased security while maintaining brand-wide accessibility of your information. With BaaS, your information gets stored in an off-site cloud designed precisely for your needs, protecting you against corruption, hacking and outside threats.

Speedy Backups that Won’t Drain Your Bandwidth


Size reduction of backup data at client site prior to transfer ensures bandwidth preservation and faster transfer.

Seamless Backup for Any System Setup


Servers, virtualized environments, remote locations, NAS devices, desktops / laptops / mobile devices and complex applications.

Fully Compliant


SOC II type II certified, FINRA-compliant data center storage facilities.

Benefits of Backup-as-a-Service

These points are just the start of CDI’s backup-as-a-service benefits. When you choose us as your BaaS solution, we’ll evaluate your suite of existing technologies and develop a plan that fits seamlessly for minimal disruption to your plans. After we personalize your service, you can appreciate:

  • Regular syncing: Part of your custom plan includes opportunities for regular syncing every week or day or multiple times a day. Automatic syncing with our servers means you have one less thing to think about as you initiate business-driven plans and grow your brand.
  • Data loss protection: Whether human- or system-based, network errors happen, leading to lost information. Even a minor breach that erases little information can be catastrophic when trying to keep all your plans and orders together. Through regular syncing and off-campus data storage, you should see a decrease in lost data and feel confident that, if erasure or an attack occurs, CDI will do everything we can to keep your details secure.
  • Data theft protection: Cyberattacks are more common than ever today. Hackers know that most businesses keep their important, private information in cloud-based servers, and that’s exactly what they go for first. At CDI, we boast some of the best security features available, including encryption, third-party auditing and physical protection at our data centers. However your competitors and enemies may try to breach your defenses, we’ll be there to keep them out.

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CDI is the nation’s choice for backup-as-a-service solutions because we develop our technology to last and evolve with the times. We offer next-generation solutions for the digital world, and if you believe in the future of technology as we do, let us help you keep your system up to date. Contact us today to learn more about how we keep information safe and get a quote on BaaS for your business.

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