Converged Infrastructure

Information technology (IT) infrastructures have long depended on disparate components that require individual management and configuration. Today, there are new ways to structure IT assets for greater efficiency. Converged infrastructures combine computing, storage, networking and management technologies into one flexible system. At CDI, we develop, deploy and manage converged infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes. Partner with us to merge your IT infrastructure components within a pre-validated system.

Multiple Key Technologies in One System

IT interconnectivity allows businesses to consolidate management tasks and enhance scalability. Establishing a converged infrastructure achieves the interconnectivity your business needs to boost operational efficiency.

A converged infrastructure is a hardware system that combines servers, data storage systems and networking components into one stack. The converged infrastructure stack features a centralized management software that merges and controls all elements.

Converged infrastructures come as pre-validated packages ready to operate according to your needs and revise as they change. Your organization can use a converged infrastructure to simplify system management, boost deployment speed and enhance scalability.

Converged Infrastructure vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure

There are two types of converged infrastructures — the standard converged infrastructure (CI) and the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). While both systems streamline deployment and scaling, the CI and HCI consolidate servers, storage systems and networking components in distinct ways.

A CI uses a hardware-driven approach to combine systems. The manufacturer produces a validated design combining separate networking, servers, storage and management systems.

An HCI is similar to a CI but contains all systems within one device, making it much smaller than a CI. As a software-driven approach, the components for networking, servers and storage are virtualized and contained in commodity components to reduce hardware costs. Expanding an HCI system is as easy as adding another commodity component.

Converged Infrastructure Implementation From CDI

CDI is among the industry’s top hyperconverged infrastructure vendors. We provide comprehensive support from development to initial deployment and upscaling. As your converged infrastructure partner, we will:

  1. Assess your needs and recommend solutions.
  2. Build a CI or HCI system that works for your business.
  3. Maintain the system, deploy updates and provide technical support.

Advantages of Our Converged Infrastructure Services

As a daring IT vendor on the cutting edge of the industry’s advancements, CDI will help your business unlock the full range of benefits of using a converged infrastructure. Our experts will engage you in a collaborative process that facilitates:

  • Simple system administration capabilities that your staff can manage without specialized expertise
  • Scalable systems that allow your business to add and remove resources with ease
  • Premier agility and performance when deploying new applications and services
  • Low-risk deployment of pre-validated systems tailored to your business

Connect With CDI About Converged Infrastructures

A hyperconverged infrastructure will empower your organization to elevate IT efficiency through low-cost, high-productivity solutions. Our converged infrastructure deployment and management services will give you a leg up, so contact us for more information.

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