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From Skylake to Coffee Lake: New E3, E5, and E7 Chips

Rob Owen

In the mainstream Intel-dominated enterprise chip market, most devices shipping today are in the Kaby Lake class and will soon transition to Coffee Lake. If you are shopping for servers for VMware or other bare-metal applications in the data center, consider dropping a few detailed high-end server requirements and leverage more affordable gold-level Skylake processors like the 6000 series.

Discover How to Keep Your CMDB Current with ServiceNow Discovery

Kris McCormic

Have you ever wondered what devices are attached to your internal network? Perhaps wondered what software was installed and if those devices are up to date on software patches? Or whether or not a server system is out of date and due for replacement? With ServiceNow’s Discovery, you can answer these questions and much more.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to the Rescue!

Ralph Carter

The risks of a security breach increase as old authentication models remain in use. In this article, we examine how new and emerging multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions will save the day.

The Future of Healthcare Takes Center Stage at HIMSS18

Dr. Scott Vinci

Well-established enterprise organizations, long considered the foundation of our modern healthcare system, and new startups have both promised a much-needed disruption in healthcare IT. And HIMSS18 attendees would certainly agree. The annual conference renewed our inspiration—the Healthcare Revolution is alive and well and gaining momentum.

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