Empowering Modern IT Operations: CDI’s Dynamic Partner Ecosystem

Empowering Modern IT Operations: CDI’s Dynamic Partner Ecosystem

We understand that you’ve come to us seeking a managed IT services partner who not only handles the basics but also actively contributes to your innovation journey. Rest assured, we are that partner. As technology evolves, CDI’s managed services team will steadfastly maintain its leading position.

CDI Managed IT Services: Your Partner in Innovation

Our approach to modern IT operations is built upon collaboration with carefully chosen strategic partners. We seamlessly integrate vital components, including endpoint management, observability, AI Ops, data protection, and ITSM, into a unified and holistic framework. This harmonious synergy forms the bedrock of our “Better Together” process, ensuring comprehensive management across all facets of your IT landscape. Keep reading to explore how a select group of our partners enhances our top-tier MSP practice. Yet, it’s important to note that our extensive network of top-tier industry partners expands far beyond what’s listed here, offering a breadth of possibilities. Explore our array of partnerships and embark on your journey with us today.

Next Gen Managed Services. Impressive Partner Portfolio.

Logic Monitor

LogicMonitor provides offers a comprehensive and automated monitoring platform that ensures optimal performance, availability, and security of IT infrastructure, applications, and cloud services. It enables proactive issue detection, faster troubleshooting, and data-driven insights, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and better decision-making. LogicMonitor’s scalability, customizable dashboards, and alerting capabilities empower CDI to manage customers complex environments.


BigPanda delivers value by providing an AI-driven platform for IT Operations that intelligently correlates and prioritizes alerts from various monitoring tools. By automating incident management, it reduces alert noise, accelerates incident response, and minimizes downtime. BigPanda’s machine learning capabilities help identify patterns and root causes, aiding in proactive problem resolution. With its automation features, it optimizes workflows and frees up resources for more strategic tasks. BigPanda’s insights enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of digital services.

Beyond Trust

CDI’s MITO team uses Beyond Trust as our privileged access management (PAM) and remote access tool for our managed clients. BeyondTrust is designed to manage and monitor access to privileged accounts and critical systems within our customers organization. This involves controlling and securing accounts with elevated permissions, such as administrator and root accounts. Their Privileged Remote Access include features like secure tunneling, multi-factor authentication, and session monitoring to ensure that remote access is granted only to those who need it and under tight security controls. Access is controlled by CDI’s group policy and all sessions are logged so reports can be generated by the customer. Logs are retained for 90 days. The solution is hosted within a single tenant EC2 instance in Amazon Web Services. This environment is audited under the requirements for SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001.


CDI is a ServiceNow Elite partner that utilizes the leading platform for our ITSM and ticketing solution. ServiceNow provides a centralized platform for creating, managing, and tracking service tickets or incidents. All of our 3rd party monitoring and data ingestion tools get tied into ServiceNow as a single point of truth for our team. We keep customer documentation in ServiceNow so our engineers can quickly reference customer built documents or SOFs while working on tickets. We have also integrated our project management workflow into ServiceNow to provide a full customer lifecycle experience living in ServiceNow.


Tanium offers substantial value in patching and device management by providing real-time visibility into endpoints, enabling efficient patch deployment, and ensuring comprehensive security. Its rapid query and remediation capabilities allow for quick vulnerability assessment and targeted patching, minimizing exposure to threats. Tanium’s scalability supports diverse and large-scale environments, optimizing patching processes across the enterprise. Its continuous monitoring helps maintain compliance and prevents security gaps. By reducing manual efforts and automating tasks, CDI can streamline device management workflows, enhancing operational efficiency. The platform’s centralized management and reporting facilitate informed decision-making and tracking of patching progress for our NOC. With Tanium, CDI can proactively address vulnerabilities, strengthen our customers security posture, and ensure the stability of their IT ecosystem. CDI was also recently named Tanium Emerging Partner of the Year.

Backup Radar

Backup Radar offers a centralized platform for monitoring and managing backup solutions. It ensures the reliability of data protection by providing real-time visibility, automating alerting, and simplifying monitoring tasks. Through its integrations with various backup systems, it streamlines the management of multiple environments. Backup Radar’s proactive alerts and reporting enhance data recovery readiness, minimizing downtime risks. Its analytics help optimize backup performance, improve compliance, and reduce operational complexity. By consolidating backup management, it increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of data loss. Backup Radar’s insights enable CDI’s Engineering Team to make informed decisions, ensuring business continuity and data integrity for our clients.

Join Us on the Journey to IT Excellence

At CDI, we are not just service providers; we are partners in your journey towards IT excellence. Through our collaboration with these outstanding partners, we continue to raise the bar in delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure the integrity of your digital infrastructure.

Furthermore, if you’re in search of a dedicated partner to align with your business and IT aspirations, we stand ready and eager to join forces. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to embark on this exciting journey. Thank you for considering CDI as your trusted IT partner.