What You Missed: HPE Discover 2023

Michael Colonno
What You Missed: HPE Discover 2023

Fresh off our comprehensive recap of Dell Technologies World and Cisco Live, team CDI is excited to relay the highlights from another cornerstone event: HPE Discover 2023. From Las Vegas to your screen, we’re delivering the essential takeaways and game-changing announcements from this year’s event. Let’s dive into the transformative world of HPE Discover 2023!


Rediscovering Innovation at HPE Discover 2023

When I think of HPE Discover, I can’t help but laugh. Not for any bad reason – but because it makes me think about how CDI used to not attend this conference.

It’s funny because it has been one of the best conferences I have attended over the past two years. That isn’t a knock on any other vendor. I am just always impressed by the complete depth of offerings from HPE. It’s like a kid receiving a new toy, I’m genuinely engaged and interested whenever I am in attendance.

An Inside Look

This year, HPE invited me to join an exclusive beta program. I got the chance to experience Discover like a top-tier customer on the Executive VIP track. We dug into product vision, customer value, and even backend tools for overlooked renewal clients in our partner-focused meetings.

My colleague and I attended several product-specific advisory board roundtables. I won’t bore you with a detailed rundown of the list and conversations but of these roundtables, the session by AMD really stood out. The company challenged us in conversation and challenged our assumptions. We have always done AMD in pockets, but it has not been our primary processor. Our conversations promised intriguing material on VDI’s higher return on investment due to AMD’s density and the importance of sustainability (a major focus of friends around the world).

Edge to Cloud: A Mature Approach

The conference message once again centered on the transition “from edge to cloud”, but this year it matured.

HPE CEO, Antonio Neri, emphasized the crucial role of networking for an intelligent, scalable, and secure edge, predicting that the edge would generate 50% of all data. He stated, “Too many companies have become hybrid cloud by accident instead of by design” –  and that’s a quote I will certainly be using moving forward.

Riding the AI Wave

Is it really a 2023 conference if we don’t talk about AI? Did HPE get lucky, or did they plan accordingly for the AI tidal wave?

With the very timely and strategic acquisitions of Cray computing, Bluedata, MAPR, AMPOOL, Pachyderm, and DeterminedAI, and a partnership with AlephaAlpha, HPE has cemented its position at the forefront of the AI movement and now have an entire platform of products that can create a solution for AI. Color me impressed. During the conference, HPE announced HPE Greenlake for Large Language models to accelerate outcomes without building system costs.

Enabling the Edge

HPE’s acquisitions of Axis and Ahhonet have bolstered their edge portfolio. Imagine using the Aruba Central portal to manage Campus/Core Networking, Wireless, SD-WAN (Silverpeak), Software Defined Access (Clearpass), 5G (Ahhonet), and SASE (Axis).

Additionally, HPE’s acquisition of OPSRamp brings even more value to the table.

Now if you know CDI’s story around Edge and Hybrid Cloud, you know we are all about Observability and Telemetry. With workloads now being disbursed, just like people, you need to curate even more data – and that also means LOGS. HPE stated they will not be changing the go-to market of OPSRamp or even partners like CDI using their software. OPSRamp will enrich the GreenLake managed service and enhance its integrations.

GreenLake Evolves

Speaking of GreenLake… this is no longer just a financial model for resource consumption. The GreenLake brand now blankets products, services, and tools. Now, this is not yet fully baked but it harbors tons of potential and I am very interested to see it grow.

Additional Key Announcements

We can’t break down everything that was announced in too much depth, but here are a few of the other significant unveilings from the event:

  • HPE GreenLake for SAP S/4HANA: A fully managed platform for deploying and running SAP S/4HANA.
    HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation: A promising venture considering Dell’s long-time dominance.
  • HPE GreenLake for Data Fabric: A unified data management platform.
    HPE Pointnext for Sustainability: Guidance on energy efficiency, resource management, and waste reduction.
  • HPE Ezmeral Container Platform: Simplifies deploying, managing, and securing containerized applications.
  • HPE SimpliVity OmniStack: Combines HCI with cloud-based services for a more agile IT environment.
  • HPE GreenLake for Compute: Pay-as-you-go for compute resources.

Wrapping Up

I told you HPE packs a lot in! I hope you find this summary informative but, with all of my blogs, this is just an overview. Feel free to reach out if you need more detailed information on any of the topics.

Now, I did write this blog with the assumption that you already know GreenLake. But, as a reminder, GreenLake is HPE’s consumption-based service, which you can utilize via capital or operating expenditures. Give me a shout if I can help you figure this one out in more detail!


Michael Colonno

Michael Colonno, AVP, Solutions Architects, CDI

Michael Colonno, AVP, Solutions Architects, is an information technology expert focused on data center and cloud solutions. In his current role, Michael is responsible for providing technical guidance to CDI’s customers, collaborating with account managers, other architects, vendors, and implementation engineers to develop and recommend business continuity and workflow strategies. He excels at providing an architectural perspective based on the industry’s best practices, while acting as a knowledgeable consultant for customers and other CDI team members. Michael is highly-trained in today’s leading technologies with certifications including a double VCP in server and NSX, CCNP data center, and holds many other product specific certifications for design as well as implementation. He holds a BA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and in his spare time enjoys weightlifting and spending time with his wife and young son, Jackson.