The Early Warning System for Enterprise Businesses

In this special guest blog, Sarah Terry of LogicMonitor, discusses the company’s AIOps Early Warning System. Discover how you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating.

Modern enterprises are, whether willingly or begrudgingly, modernizing their dated infrastructures with digital transformation to keep afloat amongst the competition. Most commonly, the result of this is seen through hybridizing IT infrastructure for cost and security, as well as adapting to scale.

That said, traditional monitoring platforms are at times no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the digitally transforming business. Without a more comprehensive monitoring solution, businesses risk expensive downtime, or worse, data breaches. Without a strategy in place, many companies are reacting to issues, rather than pre-empting and fixing problems before they become disasters.

In order to detect issues early, a platform like LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System is necessary.

Early Warning in the Cloud and On-Premises

Modern hybrid infrastructures typically have a mix of cloud and on-prem data they work with, most often running in containers to streamline deployment across environments. A healthy mix of on-prem and hybrid is good for cost, security, scalability, speed and more. The issue with hybridization though, is how to monitor both elements together.

Many platforms specialize in one specific type of monitoring, causing companies to choose between certain features, or often getting two different solutions and using them side by side.

Additionally, configuring two systems or monitoring platforms to work together can be painful and tedious. The job of IT operations is to prevent downtime, but with setups forcing you to choose aspects of one or another, it often makes whatever aspect is weaker more reactionary, and continues chances of downtime.

Prevent Potential Downtime

Downtime is extremely costly for businesses, and more common than people would like you to think. A recent survey found 96% of IT decision-makers reported at least one major outage in the past three years, about half of which were completely avoidable.

This is what happens when the majority of time is spent putting out fires, and not being more proactive about finding and focusing on how to avoid outages in the first place.

LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System provides IT operations with the information they need to make the switch to proactively preventing problems instead of reacting to them.

This works by detecting the warning signs and symptoms that precede issues, such as patterns or anomalies in alerts or performance data, and warning users for further investigation. With LogicMonitor, you can even trigger actions, such as integrations and custom scripts, to prevent issue occurrence automatically.

With more time to prepare, this early warning system will help enterprises prevent outages, saving time, money and more.

Warning signs are detected through machine learning-based algorithms. As data is collected, a normal range can be identified, so when something anomalous happens, you can be alerted faster. This algorithmic approach to AI for IT Operations is known as Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) – and includes features such as anomaly detection, root cause analysis, correlations, and more.

LogicMonitor’s Early Warning System can also identify what is anomalous from general noise, surfacing only the most important information that you need to take action on. All of this is customizable as well, allowing control over thresholds and alerting, based on your individual environmental needs.

Graph 1

LogicMonitor’s Early Warning System works on top of their pre-existing hybrid infrastructure monitoring platform, allowing IT Ops to prevent issues and monitor their entire infrastructure, all on one platform.

Coverage is included for everything from the cloud to traditional servers and storage arrays, to containers; and compatibility with the applications running within them is unmatched. This enables LogicMonitor’s Early Warning System to identify and help prevent issues across the entire enterprise IT infrastructure.

Additionally, LogicMonitor offers defaults built-in, all based on specific best practices for thousands of different environments and elements. This way, IT Ops can spend less time managing their monitoring workspace.

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Whether your company is behind the times or ahead of the curve, digital transformation is happening now, and without a scalable monitoring platform, a traditional monitoring product could slow you down irreparably. For safety, scale, and future, modern enterprises need an intelligent way to monitor their expanding infrastructure.

As a trusted LogicMonitor partner, CDI is well-positioned to help you get started with LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System and make sure that future issues can be dealt with faster. Contact us today or reach out to your CDI Account Executive to learn more.


The Early Warning System for Enterprise Businesses

Sarah Terry, Sr. Director of Product Management, LogicMonitor

Sarah Terry has been on LogicMonitor’s product team for over five years and helps drive the product roadmap. With a background in engineering, Sarah loves problem-solving and applying that to product management to create products that users love.