ServiceNow Value Initiation Program

Give Your ServiceNow Investment the VIP Treatment

Unlock the full potential of your NOW platform

Are you struggling to extract maximum value from your ServiceNow investment? Are you lagging behind your competition due to underutilized modules?

CDI’s ServiceNow Value Initiation Program (VIP) will revolutionize the way you use ServiceNow and help you stay ahead in the game. With over 20 years of IT support and services experience, CDI, an Elite-Level ServiceNow partner, is uniquely positioned to transform your ServiceNow environment and maximize your ROI.

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What is the ServiceNow VIP?

The ServiceNow VIP is a comprehensive program designed to help your organization monetize its existing ServiceNow commitment, unlocking unrealized value and platform maturity.

Our team of experts will work closely with you, conducting audits, workshops, and offering tailored solutions, ensuring that you make the most of your investment.

Why perform CDI's Cloud Cost Management Assessment?

By partnering with CDI’s ServiceNow VIP, your organization will benefit from:

  • A thorough review of your current licensing and usage, identifying underutilized modules and potential optimization opportunities
  • Tailored workshops to pinpoint focus areas and priorities, with incentivized hours toward remediation
  • A detailed implementation roadmap and associated cost for unused modules/applications
  • Day-2 support enabling smooth integration and ongoing optimization
  • Access to a team of ServiceNow, cloud, infrastructure, and application experts committed to your success
Value Initiation Program

How is the ServiceNow VIP run?

As a CDI VIP member, your organization will receive hands-on support from our team of ServiceNow experts. Together we will utilize a multi-step process to help you realize maximum efficiency and investment in your NOW platform.

  • Introduction: Our team will review your current licensing and usage, assess your ServiceNow maturity scale, and conduct quality audits
  • Workshops: Review each module to see what and how things are being used, and how to optimize them to hit your key business initiatives
  • Implementation: Suggest remediation strategies, design an implementation roadmap, and offer support throughout the process
  • Day-2 Support: Provide enablement, documentation, knowledge transfer, and full white-glove Next Gen support

About CDI

CDI is an Elite-Level ServiceNow partner with a rich history of providing IT support and services. Our integrated service operation includes ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, SecOps, CSM, GRC, and a team of experienced ServiceNow professionals. We offer flexible Professional and Managed Services that help architect, customize, and implement solutions tailored to your IT infrastructure.

Our team consists of ServiceNow, cloud, infrastructure, and application experts who understand IT and business operations, and how to integrate ServiceNow to digitize business workflows. CDI’s close partnership with ServiceNow, membership in their partner advisory board, and multi-million-dollar Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center investment set us apart from the competition.

Choose CDI’s ServiceNow VIP and experience the difference that comes from partnering with a world-class IT services provider. Unleash the full potential of your ServiceNow investment and stay ahead of the competition with CDI’s VIP touch.