SA’s and IPA’s Episode 9 With Michael Colonno, Alyssa Hall, & Heather Smedley

Spencer Grogan

🎙️ SA’s Episode 9: Exploring IT, Marketing, and Non-Alcoholic Beer 🍻

Welcome to the 9th episode of “SAs and IPAs,” the engaging podcast produced by CDI Studios that delves into the fascinating worlds of technology, marketing, and the IT industry. Join host Michael Colonno as he leads an enlightening discussion with special guest Heather, a newly-minted solutions architect at CDI. And Alyssa Hall, the Chief Marketing Officer at CDI.

In Part 1, the trio kicks things off with a light-hearted chat about non-alcoholic beer. They reminisce about their experiences with various brands, including the surprising taste of O’Doul’s, and discuss the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages.

Part 2 takes a more serious turn as the conversation shifts to the focus on women in IT. Alyssa and Heather share their experiences in the industry and how CDI’s Women of CDI group is making strides in supporting women in IT. They touch upon the significant increase in the percentage of women in STEM-related jobs due to the increased focus on empowering women in technology.

In Part 3, Heather reveals her journey into the security field, discussing her trials, errors, and passion for deceptive technologies in the cybersecurity landscape. The hosts also explore the data-driven aspects of marketing, highlighting the importance of ROI analysis and marketing operations.

The podcast continues with discussions on various marketing aspects in Part 4, including the challenges of driving attendance and interest in events, and the value of data-driven decision-making. Part 5 and Part 6 provide valuable insights into mentorship and career advice for aspiring IT professionals and marketers.

In the latter sections, Alyssa sheds light on the diverse facets of marketing, including business development, analytics, and event coordination. The hosts conclude by encouraging listeners to provide feedback and suggestions for future episodes through the email address [email protected].

Join this dynamic trio for a captivating and educational episode that covers everything from non-alcoholic beer to marketing strategies and cybersecurity. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a marketing aficionado, or simply curious about the IT industry, “SA’s Episode 9” offers a delightful blend of knowledge and entertainment. Don’t forget to visit CDI’s website at to learn more about their innovative solutions and services. Cheers to an enriching podcast experience! 🍻🎧