VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

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There is no universal approach to optimizing IT for businesses. Each company confronts its own distinctive challenges and needs to devise solutions tailored to its specific context. CDI, as a trusted VMware partner and a provider of VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services, possesses a deep understanding of the hurdles that businesses encounter while striving to undergo digital transformation.

“Organizations often want a digital transformation. What they sometimes don’t realize is they need an operational transformation. At CDI, we’re experts at enabling digital and operational transformations,” says Chris Black, CDI’s Managed Services CTO.

CDI tailors unique sets of technology and managed services to address the specific requirements of each business. It is this commitment to their clients that led to CDI’s recognition with the 2023 Cloud Innovation & SaaS Transformation Award for the Americas in the VMware Partner Achievement Awards.

What is VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services?

Organizations are continuously evolving and gaining deeper insights into the array of available technologies, including hyperscalers, on-premises, edge computing, hybrid or multi-cloud setups, among others. This ongoing evolution is paving the path for the necessity of an MSP that secures these custom configurations, exemplified by offerings like VMware Cross-Cloud managed services.

“CDI is optimistic about VMware Cross-Cloud managed services because organizations are continuing to evolve. We’re now able to put applications on casters, so to speak, and move them to the right ecosystem at the right time for the right business outcome,” says Black. VMware Cross-Cloud managed services enable CDI and its clients to be more agile, propelling them to the cutting edge of digital transformation. Black continues, “The ability to use the managed services gives organizations the luxury to have an application that’s born in the cloud when agility is the most important attribute needed for that application.”

Customer Testimonial

One of CDI’s clients, a prominent staffing firm based in Philadelphia, initially engaged with CDI to modernize their IT operations. The firm faced a challenge where only a limited number of individuals possessed knowledge about critical technologies crucial for the business.

Recognizing the potential risks and the loss of information if these key individuals were to leave the organization, CDI was enlisted to mitigate these concerns. As a trusted VMware partner, CDI embarked on a mission to consolidate and transform this specialized knowledge into well-documented, repeatable processes accessible to the entire organization, ensuring round-the-clock availability of this critical information.

After collaborating with CDI for several months, the staffing firm transitioned their day-to-day IT operations to CDI. This transition encompassed the responsibility for maintaining infrastructure, applications, and security controls to meet evolving business needs. This strategic move liberated the firm’s internal staff, enabling them to redirect their focus toward more valuable projects geared at enhancing their core business functions. For instance, leveraging their existing IT resources, they successfully implemented upgrades to their optical character recognition (OCR) application, resulting in a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Consequently, the firm witnessed a remarkable 20-23% year-over-year increase in staff placements.

“At CDI, we like to think of ourselves as ‘built different’ and ‘built better,’” says Black. “Everyone has a vision of what they think IT will look like in the future. But at the end of the day, it’s people who make the difference, and making them successful has made CDI successful as a whole.”

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