Managed Security

As data sharing becomes a critical function for businesses across industries, the need to protect that data and the network that houses it increases. Sensitive company data could leak due to a cyberattack or user error, costing money and risking customer relationships. Cyber attacks can also damage the devices on your network, resulting in time lost to recover data and deploy new devices. Network security protects enterprise computer networks through various hardware and software methods. Partner with CDI for hardware and software solutions that manage access and prevent breaches.

Powerful Outsourced Network Protection

Securing your network requires consistent effort from security experts who keep up with the evolving risks your business faces. Rather than allocating resources to an internal network security team, partner with CDI for managed network security.

Managed network security puts the development, deployment and oversight of network security measures in the hands of a dedicated IT company. As your managed network security provider, we will implement hardware, software and best practices for network security to limit damage. We are an award-winning IT company with the resources needed to provide network security services to businesses of all sizes.

Key Advantages of Managed Network Security

Any business using a network to store and access data and applications should have a network security solution in place. Outsourcing to a managed network security team is the best way to protect your business. Here is why:

  • Lower costs: Managed network security services are available at a consistent monthly rate that is less than what it would cost to maintain an internal department.
  • Effective solutions: Outsourcing provides access to experienced personnel who can assess your network security needs and deploy a solution that meets them.
  • Advanced technology: Managed security professionals actively implement the latest technology to compete with evolving threats.
  • Constant administration: A managed service provider has the resources to implement a proactive security solution that monitors and deters threats around the clock.

Managed Network Security Service From CDI

CDI is an experienced managed IT service provider with extensive network security capabilities. Work with us to launch a comprehensive network security solution that establishes safe policies, implements powerful tools and ensures constant monitoring.

Our managed network security services promote authorized access to data and applications through functions like firewall management, two-step authentication, virus prevention, vulnerability scanning and threat detection. We also mobilize swift response and recovery strategies in the event of a network breach.

Four Steps to Network Security

As your network security partner, we’ll follow these steps to establish a robust protection infrastructure:

  1. Network security assessment: We’ll inspect your network and current security practices to determine vulnerabilities and recommend solutions.
  2. Implementation: We’ll deploy policies, hardware and software that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, configure all systems and educate your personnel about them.
  3. Monitoring and alerting: Our tools and IT support professionals will provide constant network surveillance to ensure a timely incident response.
  4. Reporting and analysis: We’ll generate reports that articulate your network security system’s success or highlight its shortcomings and vulnerabilities.

Why Choose CDI for Managed Network Security?

Network security requires diligence and a concerted effort to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. At CDI, we put in the effort that yields results. Trust our network security professionals for:

  • Custom solutions: We work closely with each client to determine security needs and provide tailor-made solutions.
  • Excellent technology: We offer innovative network security solutions that solidify your defenses.
  • Experienced IT professionals: Our staff comprises IT professionals who have experience with businesses of all sizes across industries.
  • Full-service capabilities: We’re with you every step of the way as you build your IT infrastructure and implement systems to protect it.

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Our experience and resources position us as a leading provider of managed network security services for businesses in health care, financial services, manufacturing and many other industries. Contact us to discuss a custom network security solution for your business.

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