Managed DRaaS to the Public Cloud

Keeps your business running no matter what.

Managed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to the Public Cloud

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The advent of public cloud has brought a host of advantages to both IT and business, including a lower cost of innovation, better use of resources and flexible capital expenditure. These are especially true when it comes to crafting a disaster recovery strategy for your enterprise.

CDI understands the new approach to public cloud and we help you target the right platform so you’re prepared when disaster strikes.

A powerful combination of public cloud and CDI Managed Services in a disaster recovery scenario provides:

  • The fastest, least risky path to the public cloud
  • A challenge to the conventional way of managing disaster recovery
  • Leveraging your people to provide value where it counts the most
  • Strong ROI for your business
  • Fifty percent of your infrastructure in the cloud within 45 days, with no re-platforming

We deliver a highly secure, cost-effective solution that can transform your disaster recovery paradigm with features that include geographic freedom, reliability, unlimited elasticity, compliance and pre-configured managed resources.

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CDI Managed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) allows you to get out of the disaster recovery business and shift your focus to driving business value. Our solution guarantees that your assets are always protected through the use of custom technology solutions and a skilled staff that is focused on your business.