Endpoint Monitoring – Demystifying DEX | CDI Live

Spencer Grogan

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Did you miss our CDI Live on Endpoint Monitoring? No worries! Explore the dynamic realm of Endpoint Monitoring in this engaging CDI Live session featuring industry experts Bob McCouch, Jason McKenry, and Ed Smoke. The discussion delves into the intricacies of monitoring digital experiences, focusing on the four key categories: devices, applications, outside-in application monitoring, and integrations.

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In part one, the experts emphasize the importance of understanding the health and security posture of devices, whether company-owned or personally owned. They highlight the challenges posed by diverse connectivity environments and the need to gauge the impact on overall user experience.

Part two delves into the complexity of applications, distinguishing between enterprise apps and third-party SaaS apps. The conversation emphasizes the diverse user experiences due to the global distribution of applications, making monitoring and analysis crucial for a proactive approach to potential issues.

Bob McCouch interjects, shedding light on the evolving landscape where cloud-hosted applications may exhibit different performance issues for users scattered across the globe. The speakers stress the significance of a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEX) platform that provides insights into user perspectives and application experiences.

Ed Smoke discusses regionalization and proactive monitoring, enabling organizations to anticipate challenges and notify users ahead of widespread issues. The conversation then shifts to the transformative capabilities of modern DEX platforms, leveraging machine learning and AI for intelligent analysis and predictive insights.

Part three introduces outside-in application monitoring, examining the broader office experience and utilizing network infrastructure for additional baseline data. The discussion emphasizes the need to identify deviations from normal user experiences and trends, offering valuable insights for troubleshooting and proactive management.

In the final segment, the speakers explore integrations with other platforms and tools, showcasing how organizations can maximize existing investments for enhanced endpoint management. The session concludes with insights into platforms like AppD and the evolving landscape of endpoint management within existing toolsets.

This CDI Live session provides a comprehensive overview of Endpoint Monitoring, offering practical insights, real-world examples, and a glimpse into the future of digital experience management. Stay informed and empowered in the ever-evolving landscape of IT operations with CDI Live.


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00:00 Introduction and Panelist Introductions

01:12 Understand the Digital Employee Experience

02:36 Clarifying DEX and DEM Terminology

06:12 The Importance of Monitoring User Experience

09:50 Key Areas of Employee and Application Experience

22:35 DEX Platform Integrations

32:20 Conclusion