CDI Digitally Transforms Businesses as a VMware Partner and Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider

Spencer Grogan

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Digital transformation is never a “one size fits all” strategy. VMware partner and Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider, CDI, understands this, and works to enable both digital and operational transformations for their customers. CDI has been part of the shift from reactive to proactive IT, which means that organizations can now manage performance and costs as their transformations progress.

One of CDI’s clients, a large staffing firm in Philadelphia, reached out to CDI to modernize their IT operations. CDI helped the organization document historical knowledge and transform this knowledge into processes that could be used by the entire organization. After a few months, the staffing firm had transitioned their day-to-day IT operations to CDI, freeing up staff time to focus on other business. As a result, staffing placements went up 20-23% year-over-year.

Learn more about CDI, and why CDI was selected as VMware’s 2023 Cloud Innovation & SaaS Transformation Award Winner for the Americas Region.

“At CDI, we like to think of ourselves as ‘built different’ and ‘built better,’” says Chris Black, CDI’s Managed Services CTO. “Everyone has a vision of what they think IT will look like in the future. But at the end of the day, it’s people who make the difference, and making them successful has made CDI successful as a whole.”