The X’s and O’s of MITO

Spencer Grogan

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Welcome to the gridiron of IT excellence! Dive into the playbook of CDI’s Managed Service proactive, MITO (Modern IT Operations), with our thrilling video: “The X’s and O’s of MITO.” In this dynamic exploration, we draw parallels between the strategic prowess of American Football and the seamless execution of CDI’s Managed Services.

Just like a championship football team, you are the quarterback of your IT game plan. Your IT team calls the shots and executes crucial decisions to keep your organization’s technology in play. We delve into each position, aligning them with our Managed Service proactive, to elevate your IT game.

Meet your Running Back, represented by a well-maintained ITSM system. Just as a running back carries the load and navigates obstacles on the field, your ITSM handles daily IT requests, ensuring smooth operations. The Offensive Line, comprising Data Management, AAA (Triple A), IaaS, Monitoring, & Patch/AV, acts as the unsung hero, protecting both the quarterback and the running back. Without these services, your IT ecosystem risks falling apart.

Explore the versatility of your offense with the Tight End, represented by Observability. Like a reliable resource for making big plays on the field, Observability monitors and secures your systems, enabling proactive business decisions. The video unfolds the splashy, fun, and big-play threat of Wide Receivers, correlating them with Automation, DevOps, and AI – the glamour of your great offense.

Crafting a championship-caliber team doesn’t have to be hard. Join us on this visual journey through the X’s and O’s of MITO, and discover how CDI offers the perfect balance of strategy, talent, and teamwork for your IT success. Hit play now and get ready to score big with CDI’s Managed Service proactive, MITO! 🏈✨

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Welcome to the X’s and O’s of MITO. Just like a championship-winning football team, CDI’s Managed Services help execute a winning game plan through a combination of talent, strategy, and teamwork.

In this series, we’ll show how each position aligns with our Managed Service proactive to elevate your IT game.

First things first, we go to the heart of the action. Our Quarterback – your IT team. Your IT team executes the strategy on gameday, making crucial decisions to keep your organization’s technology in play. In the same regard, the Quarterback sits at the heart of the action – calling audibles, implementing strategy, and helping to execute the plays. Like the Quarterback, every decision runs through you. A great offense is specifically tailored to accentuate the skills and talents of the Quarterback, and that’s what we’re equipped to do for you.

But the Quarterback can’t do it alone, and that’s where CDI steps in to help fill out your roster.

Next, let’s look at your Running Back, a well-maintained ITSM. A good ITSM helps an IT team with the broader objectives of the business. A great Running Back takes the pressure off their Quarterback by carrying the load and helping to navigate obstacles. Like a great 3 yards and a cloud of dust running back, your ITSM system handles the daily grind of IT requests, ensuring smooth operations.

But something has to protect both your Quarterback & your Running Back –

Enter in our Offensive Line – Data Management, AAA (Triple A), IaaS, Monitoring, & Patch/AV. In football, the offensive line is the rock. If you don’t have a solid offensive line, your offense will ultimately fail. In football, the offensive line is the unsung hero in the trenches. In our world, that’s your data management, AAA, IaaS, and Patch/AV services. Without a robust offensive line, your team can’t succeed & similarly, without these services, your IT ecosystem falls apart.

When you set up your great QB, Running Back, and Offensive Line, you start giving your offense the ability to be more versatile, and what’s more versatile on a football field than a Tight End?

Sometimes they block, sometimes they run out and catch passes. The ‘do-it-all’ players essential to a great offense. In our world, this is observability. Some days, you’ll need observability to help monitor and secure your systems; but on other days it enables your ability to make proactive business decisions. The Tight End is your reliable resource for helping to create big plays on every down. Observability is your reliable resource to help keep you protected and confident.

Once you set up the inside eight, you then get the ability to move out to the splashy, fun, and big play-threat of your Wide Receivers.

These stars are fast, agile, balanced, and really make for some FUN football. In the same way, Automation, DevOps, and AI can come together to become the glamour for your great offense. Wide Receivers need everything else to be great for them to excel, but when it all comes together, great receivers make for a well-balanced team.

Putting together a great team doesn’t have to be hard. Understanding the X’s and O’s goes a long way in crafting a championship caliber team. Choose MITO at CDI – your perfect balance of strategy, talent, and teamwork.