Balancing Work and Family: Insights from a Tech Leader | SAs and IPAs Ep. 11

Spencer Grogan

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In the 11th episode of SAs and IPAs, hosts Michael Colonno and Rob Owen sit down with special guest Greg Bennett to embark on a thought-provoking journey into the intricate art of harmonizing a flourishing tech career with the responsibilities of family life. Greg, a seasoned tech leader with a wealth of experience, shares invaluable insights into leadership dynamics, work-life equilibrium, and how he manages to be fully present both for his family and his demanding career.

Throughout the episode, Rob and Greg stress the significance of knowledge sharing within the tech industry, urging professionals to relinquish the idea of hoarding intellectual property. Instead, they emphasize the considerable value of work-life integration over rigid compartmentalization. The hosts engage in candid conversations about family etiquette, particularly the use of devices at the dinner table, highlighting the importance of fostering meaningful connections with loved ones.

As the dialogue unfolds, the trio takes a delightful detour into the realm of beverages, discussing their favorite beers and libations. Rob’s unexpected affection for Natty Lights provides amusing insights into their personalities. They conclude the episode by delving into the concept of leadership as portrayed in popular fiction, sharing their methods for extracting leadership principles from books and movies, which adds a fascinating twist to personal development.

If you are a tech enthusiast seeking to excel in your career while nurturing a thriving family life, this episode offers a treasure trove of practical advice and real-life experiences. Dive into the world of work-life balance, leadership wisdom, and family values with the hosts of SAs and IPAs in this engaging and enlightening episode.

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