Executive Exchange: AHEAD + CDI

Spencer Grogan

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In this Executive Exchange, AHEAD founder and CEO Dan Adamany engages in a dynamic conversation with Rich Falcone, the former CEO of CDI and current President of AHEAD. Moderated by AHEAD CMO Tom Pohlmann, the discussion delves into various aspects of the recent acquisition and the shared vision for the future.

The executives provide insights into the combined entity’s size and goals, emphasizing the portfolio’s expansion and the significant market opportunities that lie ahead. With a focus on scale, Rich Falcone highlights the benefits for clients and OEM partners, emphasizing the value of consolidation and the streamlined approach the merged companies can offer.

Dan Adamany sheds light on the integration process, revealing a unique approach to the executive team formation, with both Rich and Vince Collado, CDI’s COO, joining the AHEAD executive team. The leaders express their commitment to change and execution, emphasizing the importance of transparency and open-mindedness during the integration process.

As the conversation unfolds, the executives discuss the impact on clients, showcasing the combined service catalog’s enhanced capabilities. The conversation dives into real-world scenarios, illustrating how the unified entity can seamlessly handle complex projects for clients, providing an end-to-end solution.

The discussion also touches upon growth strategies, with Dan Adamany emphasizing a client-focused approach, aiming to continually improve the client experience and remain relevant in the rapidly evolving industry. Rich Falcone underscores the challenges faced by CTOs in the current technological landscape and how the AHEAD-CDI combination addresses these challenges. T

he conversation concludes with a lighthearted and insightful rapid-fire round, where the executives share personal anecdotes about their backgrounds, first jobs, and aspirations outside the IT industry. The video provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of the shared vision, strategy, and cultural alignment between AHEAD and CDI in the wake of the acquisition.

00:00 Introduction and Background of Acquisition

01:04 The Journey and Motivation Behind the Acquisition

09:37 The Impact and Future of the Combined Companies

19:08 The Impact of Technology and Client Relationships

21:38 The Art of Successful Business Integrations

25:37 Personal Insights and Final Takeaways