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Make IT Operations Invisible

Length: 1:10

CDI can make your IT operations invisible to create that coveted Amazon/Azure experience on-premises, while still leveraging the public cloud, and transform your enterprise into a digital hybrid operating model.

Zero Touch Operations

Length: 10:17

Learn how to reduce risk, drive measurable value and accelerate key business outcomes through Zero Touch Operations, the newest solution in CDI’s Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF) portfolio.

HCAF Use Cases

Length: 19:18

In this video, Ralph Carter, Chief Architect, Network Solutions, discusses automated application provisioning through ServiceNow IT Service Management with integration of cloud management platforms such as VMware VRA and Cisco CloudCenter and software-defined network fabrics like Cisco ACI and VMware NSX. Other use cases include automated microsegmentation with Ansible and automated disaster recovery leveraging the ServiceNow CMDB and workflow orchestration.

Changing the Game with the Hybrid Cloud

Length: 1:41

Learn how the private cloud and the public cloud can work together in a hybrid cloud environment. CDI can help coach customers to develop a winning strategy with winning business outcomes, leveraging the best that private and public clouds have to offer.