System Lens Can Help Speed Up Your Mac

If your Mac is feeling sluggish this tip might help.

Your Mac used to be fast. Now it’s sluggish. The problem could be your apps. They may be sucking up an excessive amount of your machine’s resources. Luckily, writer Matt Elliott with CNET has a tip:

Download one more app, System Lens. This app will examine the apps currently running on your Mac and tell you which ones are consuming too much power.

Apps are wonderful tools. They can keep you organized, balance your budget and help you slim down. They also consume a lot of resources.

If you have lots of apps running on your Mac, they could bog down what was once a fast machine.

The power of System Lens

System Lens helps users pinpoint those apps that are using more than their share of a Mac’s resources. The app gives all of it’s users’ currently running apps a rating: low, medium or high. System Lens also tells users how stressed their Mac is in general. If System Lens shows three bars, that means a machine is overloaded.

System Lens can help you decide which apps to eliminate or de-activate. If an app is gobbling too much of your Mac’s resources, you can decide to either close it or erase it entirely if you no longer wish to use it.

System Lens Can Help Speed Up Your Mac

Nikole Smith-Toptas, Marketing Manager, CDI Managed Services

Nikole Smith-Toptas, marketing manager, CDI Managed Services, is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over two decades of experience in business and project development, training program management, customer service and managing multi-functional work teams. She is an avid participant in sales training courses, workshops and seminars that helps her keep current with business trends. She also hosts Silver Lining in the Cloud, an Internet live streaming talk show featuring business executives discussing the challenges and solutions in the B2B sales cycle. As a member of numerous local professional organizations and various women’s executive networks, Nikole believes that building a strong contact network ensures business success. Her goal to impact an organization’s productivity for long term gain is bolstered by her vision of bringing purpose to a team in order, to foster healthy and productive relationships. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at children’s hospitals, senior centers and bible study groups. Nikole and her husband Mike have been married for 15 years and live in Johns Creek, GA. Together they enjoy traveling, fishing and developing new cuisines from their vegetable garden.

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