How to Streamline Your Approach to Avoid Overcomplicating Solutions

Joe Soltis

How often do you find yourself taking an overcomplicated approach to a simple solution? Probably more often than you realize. But by taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and removing excess complexities standing in your way, you’ll realize the tremendous power hidden within the simplicity of a streamlined approach.

The current complexities of integrating technology with unique business objectives require us all to operate on a frequency that is bustling with activity. At any given moment our attention is being pulled in a myriad distracting directions—be it email, phone calls, bright screens or the constant connectivity in general. We are encouraged to innovate and think outside the box, yet the persistent noise around us makes it all too easy to overcomplicate solutions to rather simple issues. Taking a focused approach to each challenge and looking for answers within the visible walls of the box could make all the difference.

As an infrastructure services firm, we know our clients share a vision of where their business is going, and they trust CDI with the alignment of specific technologies and solutions that transform their vision into a realized function. For me, this partnership creates an opportunity to present unbiased recommendations that translate into customized and potentially simplified solutions for the customer.

Avoid overcomplicated solutions by employing these strategies:

Create a clear outline of your objectives and match the appropriate people to the corresponding technologies. This streamlined approach sets you on a trajectory for success, allowing you to reach your goals with as little disruption as possible.

Keep it simple. Utilize the resources at your disposal to understand the overall scope of the project. Identify whether it will add unnecessary complexity to the environment or simplify your day-to-day operations.

Don’t always look outside the box. With mounting pressure to create innovative solutions with an outside-the-box approach, it’s easy to overlook the simplicity of that which may be right under your nose. Spend some time inside the box and you just may find there’s a perfectly viable solution that is easily accessible and ready for the taking. This solid floor may be all that is required for you to hone in on and meet your objectives.

Joe Soltis

Joe Soltis

Joe Soltis, Senior Technical Consultant for CDI Professional Services Group, is responsible for services as well as mentoring and overseeing services delivery planning and execution for the Virtualization Team. An expert in technology with a natural ability to build relationships based on trust, Joe bridges the gap between back end technology processes and the end user to empower customers to take ownership of their technology and utilize it to the fullest.