The Role of A Sales Executive

Steve Lieberson

TEAM: a number of persons associated in some joint action.

My role as a valued sales executive – as I would define it – is to ensure that I nurture the relationships between my support team with my customers and partners.

I strongly believe that IT is a team sport, one who’s success and failure is based on the team, or lack there of. The CDI team is composed of our client’s IT leadership, the CDI principle architect, our solutions architect, project management professional, and our delivery engineers. Working in combination we look at the clients existing environment, perform health checks, and remediate where necessary. We work together, as a “team” to build and maintain sound solutions. It’s an non-traditional sales model where the CDI / client team is essential in our joint success and serves as a great differentiator for how we do business – and how I provide my value as a sales executive.

My team, that I referred to earlier must be engaged with our client team from start to finish. CDI solution architects and principle architects meet with our clients on a regular basis. Our clients generally dictate the frequency. This is an important thing to understand as it’s the best possible way to keep up with their IT environment. Communication is key, and without it we cannot demonstrate what tools we have available to assist as changes happen. Assessments are a great example, and a wonderful tool, however, they only capture a point in time. There is no history and depending on the goals of said assessment there may be no future…which is why we maintain that constant communication.

The real value of partnering and building relationships with your vendors is essential. Working in a vacuum leaves room for mistakes. Minimizing them ensures the best possible end user experience.

And that’s…my role.

Steve Lieberson

Steve Lieberson

Steve Lieberson brings a wealth of sales and management experience to CDI’s expansion within the Philadelphia (Mid-Atlantic) territory. His unparalleled work ethic combined with his passion for cultivating client relationships has made Steve one of the area’s top salespeople within the Healthcare industry. Steve has his sights set on the Philly market, and his blog will echo his experiences through the journey of introducing CDI in a new territory.