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Network Automation

Let CDI LLC come to your office to discuss the benefits of Cisco Software-Defined Access with your team. Pizza on us.


Pizza Box

In observance of National Pizza Day (February 9) we would like to offer you this opportunity to get briefed on Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access). Built on the principles of Cisco DNA and delivered by CDI LLC, this is the industry’s first policy-based automation from network edge to cloud. As a key component for digital network, SD-Access provides improved business efficiency, access to new applications in minutes and end-to-end segmentation to keep user, device and application traffic separate without a redesign of the network.

Learn How You Can Achieve:

  • Consistent management of wired and wireless network provisioning and policy
  • Automated network segmentation and group-based policy
  • Contextual insights for fast issue resolution and capacity planning
  • Open and programmable interfaces for integration with third-party solutions