Peripherals to Improve Your Windows 8 Experience Part 2


You purchased the new Windows 8 operating system because the system’s new touch-screen capabilities intrigued you. There’s only one problem: Your older computer is not a touch screen.

You still open files, search the net and manage e-mail messages using an old-fashioned mouse and keyboard. And what if you utilize a tablet running Windows 8? Then you will be missing out on the many mouse- and keyboard-controlled options that come with the system. Don’t give up hope. Traditional laptop and desktop computer users are still able to enjoy many of the touch-screen and gesture-based features found in Windows 8. And tablet users can enjoy the keyboard- and mouse-based features. You only need to get the appropriate peripherals.
Fortunately, PC Magazine recently ran a feature story outlining these must-have Windows 8 add-ons.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Typing on the tablet’s on-screen keyboard is never an enjoyable experience. So when you’re using Windows 8, that’s particularly true.
Fortunately, you are able to utilize the Microsoft Wedge Portable Keyboard. This robust keyboard provides more room for your fingers.
Additionally, it includes several Windows 8 features and shortcuts integrated, allowing you to get the most out of your new Windows 8 operating system. And when you need to turn your tablet into a desktop? The keyboard’s removable cover becomes a tablet stand.

Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

There’s a reason why the editors at PC Magazine named the Logitech
T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad their top choice for Windows 8
mice: This touchpad replicates all those nifty touch-screen options that come with the operating system for users that are still computing on traditional mouse-and-keyboard-powered desktops and laptops. If you desire the full touch-screen-enhanced Windows 8 experience, be sure to get this peripheral.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace

It looks like a USB flash drive, but the Kingston DataTraveler Workspace actually contains Windows To Go, a portable and bootable version of Windows 8. Which means you are able to bring the Windows 8 operating system — or at least the portable version of it — to the PC of your choosing. Best news? It has a reputation for being safe and sound.