Pure Storage

CDI + Pure Storage

Accelerate digital transformation, turn bottlenecks into breakthroughs, and transform data into powerful outcomes

CDI is a Pure Storage Partner of the Year!

An elite level partner, CDI has proven time and time again their ability to help businesses work around legacy IT systems for better data management, optimize storage based on seasonal spikes, or speed up your transformation to a modern data experience using data migration, automation, and acceleration.

Challenge any vendor promising liberation from disruptive upgrades, integration of public and private clouds, or acceleration of application workloads. Unless they can prove it, don’t believe it. CDI and Pure Storage can prove it where it counts: in the real world.

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Pure Storage

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage uncomplicates data storage, forever. Pure delivers a cloud experience that empowers every organization to get the most from their data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it.

Why CDI for Pure Storage?

Simplify the deployment and management of your data infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business needs instead of complex technology


Kubernetes in One

Your team only needs one single platform to architect and deploy fast, resilient, and disaster-ready storage solutions in Kubernetes. We’re talking about Portworx by Pure Storage. Arm your DevOps team with a toolbox to solve some of the most challenging aspects of persistent storage in Kubernetes: Disaster Recovery, Migrations Between Clusters, Class of Service, Encryption at Rest, and even Backup.


Flexible, cost-effective storage for both on-prem and in the cloud

Through our best-of-breed partnership with Pure Storage, we simplify and accelerate data management by:

  • Providing industry-leading all-flash performance (Gartner)
  • Eliminating data silos
  • Modernizing backups with Rapid Restore capabilities
  • Streamlining public cloud adoption while reducing ingest and egress charges

Pure as a Service

Simplify your multi-cloud journey. We provide storage as a service  so you can have the flexibility to manage your environments – with support when and how you need it.

Pure delivers a modern data experience by enabling cloud-like agility on-premises, seamless data mobility, and lower public cloud TCO.