Workforce Restoration

Simplify the complex workflows involved with returning to the workplace

Workforce restoration strategies are top of mind as organizations prepare for employees to safely return to the workplace. But, how can social distancing be controlled, and in the event of infection, how can your business locate exposed or symptomatic team members?

CDI’s Workforce Restoration simplifies the complex workflows involved with ramping up for the new work reality. Through customized solutions that integrate with your existing IT toolset, it helps identify and track at-risk employees – allowing your enterprise to respond quickly and safely maintain business operations.

Features include:

  • Contact tracing with the ability to monitor employee-to-employee as well as employee-to-visitor interactions to trace contacts of infected individuals
  • Real-time incident response
  • Exposure management
  • Employee enablement, safety and readiness
  • Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics to support contact tracing and social distancing
  • Customizable system for compliance with individual company policies and guidelines and state, federal and CDC recommendations
  • Integrate with your existing infrastructure, network and business tools (ex: ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Real-time locations services (RTLS) and real-time employee location monitoring
  • Implemented quickly and managed remotely by CDI
  • Office space allocation to maintain social distancing
  • Policy-based privacy protocols

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