Managed Public Cloud

Cloud management and governance

Are you having challenges with cost management, optimization, security monitoring, inventory tracking, resource utilization, and governance of your cloud services?

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By combining industry leading public cloud management solutions with incredibly talented cloud consultants and architects, CDI provides the most robust value-added solution for managing and optimizing your public cloud infrastructure.

But not all public cloud managed services are created equally, and not all cloud management solutions will provide cloud governance capabilities. CDI views this from a cross functional standpoint and provides a comprehensive cloud management and governance solution to meet the needs of today’s modern enterprise:

Security and Identity

Visibility into the state of your public cloud and sends alerts about critical changes to configurations, resources and security groups, provides automated log documentation, unified analytics, and proactive risk identification, which includes hundreds of critical pre-built security best practice checks and alerts.

Continuous Total Compliance

Compliance monitoring with scoring for 35 regulatory standards, including HIPAA, SEC, PCI DSS, CIS, FISMA, NIST, SOC2 and other major compliance requirements.

Capacity and Resource Optimization

Right sizing and rebalancing opportunities, asset tracking and inventory management. Determine the correct instance sizing for optimum balance of cost and performance. The right sizing process can recommend larger sizes, smaller sizes, or even different types of instances, to better suit your computing needs.

Cost Transparency and Optimization

Proactive cost management capabilities include reserved instance recommendations for EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache reserved nodes, automatic custom budget alerts, streamlined billing reports and granular details of your public cloud spend.

Strategy and Review Sessions

Regular meeting cadence with your assigned cloud consultant to review your public cloud health reports, cost management recommendations, areas of improvement and for general consult on best practices and updates in the cloud industry that may impact your organization.


CDI’s public cloud engineering teams compile and update hundreds of design and deployment best practices for public cloud configurations that affect security, cost, and availability. We provide the expertise you need to help with your public cloud migration initiatives on an ongoing basis.