Backup and Replication Solutions

Prevent loss and downtime with robust backup and replication solutions

CDI LLC’s data backup and replication solutions provide fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data. We bring backup and replication together in a single solution to increase the value of backup and reinvent data protection.

Scalable systems: Reduce storage by an average of 10-30x and protect up to 100 PB of logical capacity in a single system

High-Speed Deduplication: Complete backups faster

Network-efficient replication: Send only deduplicated and compressed data across the network

Seamless integration: Qualified with leading enterprise backup and archiving applications, integrates easily into existing storage infrastructures

Faster backups over existing LAN/WAN: Deduplication significantly reduces backup time and network traffic by only storing unique changes, while maintaining daily full backups for immediate single-step restore

Backup and recovery for both physical and virtual environments: Optimized for VMware, NAS, business critical applications, remote office and desktop/laptop

Flexible deployment and simple to manage: Single-volume, single-file system architecture

High reliability: Provides uninterrupted data accessibility

Massive scalability: Performance scales linearly with capacity

We leverage virtualization, storage and cloud technologies to deliver recovery time and point objectives for all applications and data. We do this by providing capabilities in high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility.